10 reasons: why you SHOULD be flying JetBlue

We, here at the Rochesteriat, think it's a good idea to get out and explore other areas of our great nation (and world!) in order to get a fresh perspective on our own city.

And if you fly out of ROC airport for business and/or for vacation travel, you know that there are plenty of choices for air travel these days. But if you've been traveling on the same carrier for the past two decades without even the slightest hint of change, it's about time you explored 10 reasons why you SHOULD be flying JetBlue.

#1. FREE Entertainment at EVERY seat

No matter what type of aircraft comes to ROC, this is a part of the JetBlue brand, PERIOD. Currently this includes 36 channels of DirectTV, over 100 channels of XM Satellite Radio, a selection of JetBlue Features Movies (on trips longer than 2hrs), and PLUS TV programming. Bring your own headset for the ultimate experience, or you can purchase one for a mere $2.

#2. Unlimited snacks for you

The flight attendants may hand you just one snack. But go ahead, just ask for more. And those signature Terra Blues potato chips? Yes, they are really made from real blue potatoes.

#3. Unlimited drinks

To go along with your snacks, you will need unlimited drinks. You don't even have to ask, you will get the WHOLE can, not a dixie cup with some ice in it.

#4. Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

America runs on Dunkin'. Need I say more?

#5. The most legroom

Anyone who flies a lot knows that JetBlue offers the most legroom in its coach cabins. This is way better than being cramped up or sitting sideways for an hour on your flight to NYC, on your way to Florida, and especially to California. For a few bucks more, the carrier also offers EVEN MORE SPACE™, and that's where you can bring your sofa, reclining chair, or other items from your home with the tremendous amount of legroom available. Of course I am just kidding about the sofa thing, but seeing what some people carry on, they just don't get it.

#6. A schedule that works 

Usually there is a 6:00am flight out of Rochester, offered almost everyday of the year, and there is a late, late flight around 10:45pm that will get you back from NYC. Of course there are always flights somewhere in between those times, but it is always comforting to know that you can get to NYC very early, and get back home on a very late flight. Day trip to NYC anyone?

#7. JetBlue Terminal 5: Food, drink, and shopping options

Plenty of them.

#8. JetBlue Terminal 5: Free Wi-fi, amazing viewing areas of the runways


#9. JetBlue Terminal 5: World class design

...where even the bathrooms look cool.

#10. JetBlue Terminal 5: Airspace Lounge

The Airspace Lounge is actually run by a separate company and operates modern, amenity-packed plush lounges for air travelers in very select airports throughout the country. JetBlue's Terminal 5 is one of them. For a nominal fee of $25, a person will get a $10 credit toward the cost of a drink or food item; FREE unlimited Peet's coffee & tea, soft drinks, espresso and cappuccino; power outlets, free internet, use of onsite PC's and MacBooks; printing, scanning, conference room use. Not to mention the availability of ultra-modern showers and private bathrooms to freshen up after a long trip. The lounge is open to anyone no matter which airline you fly, and if you're a Personal or Business AMEX Platinum or Centurion Cardholder, you/immediate family/and up to 2 guests enter FREE with all amenities and complimentary $10 credit.

Still need more convincing? JetBlue is soon coming out with extremely fast Wi-Fi on its planes for all passengers, it continues to add more domestic and international destinations on a weekly basis (see the route map), you can check your first checked bag for FREE, the planes are equipped with comfy leather seats onboard, awarded 9 consecutive JD Power and Associates accolades for Customer Service....on and on!

And if you haven't seen this yet, prepare to take your JetBlue Experience to the Ultimate Level in the near future. Starting early next year, the newest JetBlue planes will look like this: Question is, are you ready to take-off with Jetblue?

For more information: http://www.jetblue.com