2017 is Done! Let's Look Back...

The Rochesteriat

The Rochesteriat

The year is just about over, but it has been an exciting one. While we're always working to produce new posts for the site we also have a lot of things happening behind the scenes.

Here are some of our highlights for 2017:

Washington Square Park Community Association

Informally for the last 4-5 year we've been working to create a neighborhood association for the Washington Square Park Community. At the end of 2016 we gathered some stakeholders in the area and officially formed a non-profit (501c3) at the beginning of 2017. Our 11 member, all volunteer board has been hard at work this year working to solidify the inaugural year of the Washington Square Park Community Association

Things we've accomplished this year: formed 501(c)(3), incorporated, put up neighborhood banners, 2017 Clean Sweep, awarded a $15,000 RACF grant, the Austrian cannon was refurbished and returned, and the Soldiers and Sailors monument was cleaned. 

We're in our last few days of the 2017 fundraising initiative, check out this link for more information. 

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Movies With a Downtown View - Year 4!

One of our favorite things every year happens once in July and once in August - Movies With a Downtown View. This FREE movie night happens in MLK Jr. Memorial Park and includes food trucks, a beer garden, tons of local giveaways and a great movie. This event would not be possible without all of our incredible sponsors.

In 2018 we will be celebrating 5 years! We are looking forward to making it an even better event and celebration. Keep an eye out for the announcement of our dates for the year: MWADV.

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Reached over 10,000 on Instagram

We love sharing our adventures across the city and all of the great places we have here. Social media has been a fun and quick way to do this. The picture above shows our top 9 Instagram pictures for the year, thank you to everyone who follows us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

Upstate Social Sessions - Panel

Photo: Jessica Gasbarre

Photo: Jessica Gasbarre

This year Upstate Social Sessions celebrated 3 years. This has been a great event for our city (and the only Social Media conference in the area). It's a day to inspire and educate the community on the value of social media in our personal and professional lives. This year we were honored to sit on the "Matching a (User)name To a Face" panel along with Sarah Knight of Roc Girl Gang, Kevin Heffernan of Rise Collaborative, and Scott Pukos of The Little Theatre. We're already looking forward to year 4.

MetroPops - Coming Soon

You may have seen us post about MetroPops this year on the site and social media. MetroPops is a deal site focusing on the best LOCAL places to eat and drink, experience and enjoy. While we haven't launched our new biz yet, it has been an exciting year of accomplishments:

  • We created MetroPops and hired A3 Design to help us create our brand visually
  • MetroPops launched on Social Media to begin sharing our journey and business venture (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • We held events at McCann's, The Playhouse/Swillburger, and The Vesper
  • Our Indiegogo campaign raised over $1,000
  • We've met with quite a few businesses to have our first deals ready to go
  • We held a Bartending Fundraiser at Black Button Distilling for the Washington Square Park Community Association
  • We've received a lot of positive and helpful feedback from friends, family, supporters and businesses in Rochester!

Each of these steps and many more little ones have brought us to the end of the year. Our website is built and we're going through the final process of preparing for launch. We're really looking forward to 2018 - stay tuned for our launch date.

The Rochesteriat

The Rochesteriat

Cheers to 2017, now bring on the New Year!

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