#5 - In a Museum

For those new to this monthly installment, Conversation with A Stranger  is a regular series from local photographer Stephen S. Reardon. This quick post captures a local stranger and only gives a tiny bit of background – but not much else. We’ll let the photo speak for itself. Have you met any strangers lately?

Conversation With A Stranger #5

Pictured: John Gudonis
Job: Security Guard
Location: George Eastman House

Notice the city around you: 
I was visiting the George Eastman House's new exhibit "In The Garden", but first stopped in the "A History Of Photography" gallery. I kept on hearing keys giggle and peaked out the door to find the sound. That is when I met John Gudonis, a security guard swinging his keys around his finger. So of course I asked him if I could take his portrait." – S. Reardon. Stephen also shared that John is a Purple Heart veteran from the Korean War and 82 years old.

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Stephen Reardon, a photographer for over twenty years, has gained much of his professional experience living in Denver & NYC, but these days can be found in Rochester happily creating iconic portraits for the commercial & editorial industry. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.