8 Ways the Brooklyn Invasion of West Elm Roc Will Make its Mark on this City

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Ok, so you know of the Invasion of Normandy and the British Invasion in world history. Now get ready, because there's another invasion that's about to happen: the Brooklyn Invasion of ROC. What comes to mind when we say Brooklyn?...the Bridge, the hipsters, the proposed Wegmans that is going to open near the Brooklyn Navy Yard in a few years?

Well Fahgettaboudit! We're talking about the new West Elm (that's right, a Brooklyn-based company) that is slated to open its doors, right here, in our fair old city on Thursday, July 23rd at 10am. Needless to say, it's one of our favorite design stores around, and for many good reasons. Here are 8 of those reasons and ways the Brooklyn invasion will make its mark on our city.

1. Helping Reinvigorate a Local Historical Landmark 

Just like they were integral with DUMBO in New York City, home of the first store and headquarters, West Elm Rochester seeks to be a big part of the revival of the Culver Road Armory. Having experience with moving into a run-down, old warehouse-filled, lesser-known area of Brooklyn that now is a major tourist attraction and holds the highest concentration of tech firms in the entire New York City area, the old Armory here in Rochester fits the bill perfectly with what their brand is all about - promoting community and consciousness. The design of the 10,600 square-foot store will also complement the restored armory and neighboring tenants such as TRATA, with its exposed brick and beams, and plenty of rich textures and wood all around.

2. LOCAL Love for Entrepreneurs

Speaking of community and consciousness, although West Elm has gone international with its 74 stores throughout the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, it makes a point to include and promote wares from the local small businesses in the immediate areas of operation. For the ROC store, the West Elm LOCAL initiative will initially be featuring 7 New York based artists and makers, including ROC's very own MYDARNDEST Studio (artwork above sold in-store). Could your creations be the next to be featured at West Elm ROC?

3. Local Love for the Workforce 

Yes that's right - a new store brings new jobs. An estimated 25-40 jobs will be created by West Elm Rochester. Then you can go to work and be inspired by the gorgeous design work, eat lunch/grab coffee at The Village Bakery next door, and then finish your shift with a good dinner at TRATA. Oh, and seeing that you're feeling military inspired from just being in the Armory, stop by BENRUS to pick up a beautifully crafted vintage-style watch while you're at it. See how we think? Local love for the entire workforce.

4. Scores of Urbanites Coming (back) to ROC City

So we all know that our city is changing drastically at this point. Heck, we practically say it in EVERY post we write! People are moving back to the city. The urbanites that West Elm cater to are ready to deck their homes out with inspirations of mid-century, clean-lines, and modern looking stuff. Chase Building residents, the Sibley Project, 88 Elm Street, so on and so forth...it's certain that West Elm will make a big statement in these places.

5. Raymour and Target can't be all that there is for ROC

Ok, I said it. For the record, I love Target and they have some really good cheap stuff. And many moons ago I used to be a sales manager for R&F (and currently own a R&F sofa), so that makes me distinctly qualified as to what I am about to say - here in ROC, not every home needs to look like it's the set for Downton Abbey. The traditional stuff of Victorian and Edwardian times makes me think of my parents (sorry mom, but I know you didn't have much of a choice), yet I wished there was more of my grandparents era and the mid-century cool stuff going on (my favorite!). That's where West Elm is going to have one of its biggest impacts in this community. It'll take us from conventional conservative blah to mid-century modern charm...get ready, our design standards will fast-forward 10-years on Thursday.

Local real estate professionals, developers, and designers take note: get a West Elm account and know the trends.

6. The "Rochester Collection"

Have you seen this? Our city has its own furniture collection named after it sold by West Elm! Ok, I'm fairly certain that the "Rochester Collection" wasn't named after our city - "...buuuuut you're saying there's a chance...?" - and because I cannot determine the origins of it, we're going to have to stake the claim on it. This alone makes West Elm cool.

For the more pragmatic, numbers 7 and 8 may just be your definition of cool.

7. Sherwin Williams Partnership 

Ever look through a magazine or a catalogue and see how things are arranged, painted, decorated and wonder how you could do that exact same thing? Most of the time these are fleeting thoughts because we have nowhere to start in terms of specifics. That all changes with the West Elm Collection in conjunction with Sherwin Williams. Pair a major paint supplier with a popular home furnishings retailer - Voila! - you take the guesswork out of painting and decorating your favorite spaces. It's almost like paint-by-numbers for adults - Brilliant!

8. Youtube Channel

Ok, so you picked the perfect paint colors and the coordinated furnishings, now what do you do with it all? That's where the West Elm YouTube Channel comes in. Showing people everything from hanging wall art, how to fold a fitted sheet, and even how to hang curtains, this channel provides it all. Want to venture into Walmart and ask someone how to fold a fitted sheet? Haha, that'd be a video in and of itself. West Elm's Channel gives you the instructions, know-how, and step-by-step guide without ever leaving your home. Oh, and you know YouTube is FREE, right? Yeah, pretty neat.

West Elm Rochester promises to be smart, creative, and tech saavy when it comes to design. There should be no reason why you don't check out the place in the near future. Make sure to head over to West Elm by 8/9/15 and receive 15% off your order!

More Information: Facebook

Grand Opening: July 23rd, 10am-8pm

Culver Road Armory
145 Culver Road, Suite 120
Rochester, NY 14620

Jason is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. Hey, I'm a closet Downton fan, but I certainly don't want to live in a museum. Bring on West Elm! Check out more @theRochesteriat or Facebook.