Black Button Distilling: sneak peek inside this crafty production



Opening Day is set: Saturday, January 25th! Here's a sneak peek into this brand new establishment that is coming to the Market District on Railroad Street, steps away from the Public Market - a special place called Black Button Distilling.

Owner and entrepreneur Jason Barrett has a lot of history to live up to, not only in the neighborhood, but also a personal history. He tells us the name "Black Button" alludes to a very successful button factory that his family has owned and operated in the Rochester area for decades. Now it's his turn to make a mark on history, opening one of the first distilleries in the Rochester area since Prohibition.

Jason Barrett, Black Button Distilling

Sitting right next to Rohrbach Brewing Company on Railroad Street, you may or may not have noticed "THE WHISKEY is COMING" sign outside the beautiful new door. Jason pointed out that the door was built by his neighbor John Urlaub, owner of Rohrbach Brewery. He said the help and support he has received in the neighborhood has certainly been positive, and looks forward to the fruits of these partnerships in the near future.

Black Button Distilling

When the doors finally open on January 25th, come check out how Jason and his team have mixed the new with the old. The building is approximately 100 years vintage, and its re-use is certain to be well-received by both the hipster crowd and the preservationists alike.

Black Button Distilling Equipment

There are plenty of beautiful new gadgets, machines, and shiny objects for guys and girls alike in this place. Distillery tours will certainly be on the menu, as well as "how-to" classes for those who would like to get a more in-depth education on the bourbon making process.

Black Button Distilling Equipment

While inside, you might also see pallets of grains, wheat, or other goods from local farmers. Black Button will make every effort to purchase raw ingredients that are locally grown in New York State. Jason said that he would like to see over 90% of his raw product be purchased from local producers to be made into the gin, vodka, bourbon, and whiskey at Black Button.

Black Button Distilling Grains

Black Button has a sizeable tasting room and bar where you can also purchase merchandise and product to keep the experience fresh in your mind and your own home. Check out the MONSTROUS flasks on the bottom shelf!

Black Button Distilling Tasting Room

These beautiful glasses will certainly feed the eyes with the bourbon as well as the palate...

Black Button Distilling Merchandise

When you are inside, you'll notice some vintage items that all have a history that the Black Button Team loves to share. This Rochester sign was an old sign originally used on the local railroad line before the more contemporary signs took its place...

Black Button Distilling Rochester History

...and a bar built upon the casks of old whiskey barrels...

Black Button Distilling Tasting Room

...but most importantly, here is the team at Black Button that is making all of this happen, from Left: Tia DeMartino, Tori DiPietro, Dick Barrett, Tom Stock, and Jason Barrett.

Black Button Distilling Team

And, of course, a sample of the product line:

Black Button Distilling Product Lineup

And while some of you may not be liquor drinkers, there is a special treat for those with a sweeter-tooth.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

We congratulate Jason and his team for making this dream a reality. Their Kickstarter goal of raising over $20K was accomplished late last year ($26,372 to be exact!) with over 260 backers.

Make sure to check them out, you're sure to be warmed by a cozy, welcoming atmosphere if not already by the locally produced moonshine and bourbon.

More information: 85 Railroad Street, Rochester, NY 14609 (585) 730-4512

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