#12 - With the Balloons

For those new to this monthly installment, Conversation with A Stranger  is a regular series from local photographer Stephen S. Reardon. This quick post captures a local stranger and only gives a tiny bit of background – but not much else. We’ll let the photo speak for itself. Have you met any strangers lately?

Conversation With A Stranger #12

Pictured: Rose M. Hasan
Occupation: Balloon art & Decor (owner of Balloony Sandwiches)
Location: The German House

Notice the city around you: “I was at the Bernin' Down the German House photographing bands and fans when I came across Rose. She was helping put together Airigami's giant balloon piggy bank for the popping Break Up the Bank event. She was happy to have her portrait taken in the pillars of red, white & blue balloons.” – S. Reardon

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Stephen Reardon, a photographer for over twenty years, has gained much of his professional experience living in Denver & NYC, but these days can be found in Rochester happily creating iconic portraits for the commercial & editorial industry. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.