Deaf Rochester Film Festival 2017

Deaf Roc Film Fest | Facebook

Deaf Roc Film Fest | Facebook

With a mission to promote and showcase deaf and heard of hearing filmmakers (and their films, of course), this year's Deaf Rochester Film Fest kicks off on March 22nd and runs through the 25th.

Films will portray the deaf experience and "encourage analysis and interpretations of Deaf Cinema and Deaf visual aesthetics; develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Deaf gaze in light of the diversity of genres, cultures, and styles of filmmaking; foster film as a medium for historical preservation of Deaf Culture; provide networking opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing filmmakers and others involved in the field; and inspire future generations of Deaf and Hard of Hearing filmmakers."  (via About Us)

To see the schedule of films and locations head to the DRFF website.

Watch the promo for BSL Zone's, SUPERSONIC, one of the films in the festival, showing on Thursday, March 23rd:

Note: most films will be captioned, any films without captions will have voice interpreters.

Deaf Rochester Film Fest: Website, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter

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