The $3,000 Apartment: What You'll Get in ROC vs. NYC

the rochesteriat | long island city

the rochesteriat | long island city

Just recently, I (Jason) had the opportunity to stay with a friend in New York City when I was in town for training at Jetblue headquarters. My friend was renting a place at the brand new high-rise apartment complex called Linc LIC, short for Long Island City, a couple of blocks from Jetblue.

The building is a 42-story modern complex situated in the heart of Long Island City, which is a rapidly developing portion of Queens, quickly becoming the "next place to live" amongst all of the hip, hot new neighborhoods throughout New York City. 

the rochesteriat | Long Island city

the rochesteriat | Long Island city

While staying there, I learned that my friend pays a little over $3,000/mth for his pad. With that said, many of us tend to think -"Hey, for what you pay to rent a toilet in New York City, you can get a mansion in Rochester!" Is this really true? Well, the stay at my friend's apartment gave me the perfect opportunity to find out. 

Question: If all else were equal, what apartment complex would you choose? Click on the pics to expand.

Let's try to compare apples to apples:

the Rochesteriat | Linc LIC


Linc LIC
Location: 43-10 Crescent Street, Long Island City, NY 11101
Stories/Units: 42/709 rentals
Built: 2014
Sq. Ft: 600
Price: $3,125

the Rochesteriat | Tower280


Tower 280 at Midtown
Location: 280 East Broad Street, Rochester, NY 14604
Stories/Units: 17/179 rentals
Built: 2015
Sq. Ft: 1310
Price: $2,791

NYC Living Room

ROC Living Room

© Tom Morasco

Our pick: ROC

Here's where you can clearly see that you get more than twice the square footage in a ROC apartment for a comparable rental unit in NYC. And even more impressive, here in Tower280 almost everything seems more spacious with those massive windows opening the living space up.

NYC Bedroom

ROC Bedrooms (1 & 2)

© Tom Morasco

© Tom Morasco

Our pick: ROC

Yes, $3,000 gets you two (2) bedrooms in a Rochester modern high-rise that let the sunshine pour in instead of just one (1).

NYC Kitchen

ROC Kitchen

© Tom Morasco

Our pick: ROC

Natural lighting, an area for prepping food and entertaining family and friends, and space...there's no comparison here - ROC takes this category.

NYC Entryway

ROC Entryway

© Tom Morasco

Our pick: ROC

Wait, is there even an entryway in the NYC apartment? In ROC, you can drop off your keys and admire your personal mini-museum of artifacts that you've assembled in your entryway/hallway. 

NYC Bathroom

ROC Bathrooms (1 & 2)

© Tom Morasco

©Morgan Communities

Our pick: ROC 

And again, two (2) modern bathrooms for the price of one small one in New York. 

NYC Views

ROC Views

© The rochesteriat

Our pick: BOTH

You're not going to be disappointed in either case. In NYC, it's NYC....a gorgeous skyline that has amazing sunrises and sunsets (my friend lived on the 25th floor) and is constantly changing; in ROC, Tower280 gives a very lucky few a birds-eye view of the rebirth of our city, and those high-rise neighbors are so close - it makes you feel grand amongst giants!

NYC Lobby

ROC Lobby

Our pick: BOTH

Both buildings have beautifully-designed modern interiors and lobby areas that leave you inspired as you come and go.

NYC Amenities

ROC Amenties

Our pick: ROC

I have to give it up for the Linc LIC...there were two (2) full floors or workout space in the building, including a small basketball court, a yoga studio, and a squash court. Better yet, the new building just across the street (same developer) had a full basketball court, a swimming pool, and a 2-story gym for the residents to enjoy in the soon-to-be open 40+story tower. 

Along with the fitness centers, similar amenities that each apartment complex offers to residents are: concierge services, underground parking, pet friendly, and a rooftop patio. 

But it comes down to exactly what you get included in your rent that makes all the difference. At Tower280, your rental payment INCLUDES heat and A/C, Fiber-Optic Internet, and Cable as well.  All of that added up can be several hundreds of dollars each month!

There is no question you get more rental bang for your buck in an Upstate city like Rochester. But of course it's all based on supply and demand. An amazing city like New York has 12million people living in and around it's central core, therefore rents tend to be high and amenities are scarce. It's just the way it works. 

One thing is for certain, we're just glad that developers like Buckingham Properties, Morgan Management, DHD Ventures, Gallina Development, and Dutton Properties are making rental products possible to even compare to New York City. Until a few years ago, this was not even possible.

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Jason is co-founder of the Rochesteriat and wants Tower280 to sell condos. When they do, we'll get the moving trucks ready. Join the conversation on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.