Missed Geva's 18/19 Season Announcement? Here it is in video form...

Did you miss the Geva Theatre 18/19 Season announcement on March 19th? No need to worry, here you have it in simple video form (no sound). Here are the 11 major productions that are scheduled for the 46th year for the largest regional theatre outside of Manhattan, 3 of which are world premieres...

...and in case you needed a refresher of what impact Geva has on our community both here in the city and in the region, the video below describes it all. 

Geva is a major theatre company that has a profound impact on the local and regional economies, the education of our students and families alike, and of course, the entertainment of live theatre that has only been strengthened through the 4+ decades of its commitment to our city. 

More Information:
Geva Theatre
75 Woodbury Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14607

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