Mayer Hardware: a staple in the community



Mayer Paint and Hardware 3 For many residents and business owners who live and work around the Cobbs Hill, North Winton and Browncroft neighborhoods, they know of a little gem that gives off a friendly, local "mom and pop" vibe that contrasts a world flooded with Big Box retail chains - that's Mayer Hardware. Pronounced the same way as the elected official in city government, this family-run business has been going for nearly 40 years by the Green's and we're sure many would say that their stamp on the community has certainly been worthy of "mayor" status.

double Mayer What started as one small complex on this city block, has now turned into a couple of buildings and over 5,000 square feet of space - what they like to call a "super store on a city block".  Mayer wd-40 With everything you need from the basics of WD-40, super-glue, and car maintenance products...

Mayer Chain …to chains, nails, screws, and other hardware...

Mayer shovels …to the seasonal items like shovels, ice scrapers, and other items so necessary to battle the cold here in the city.

Mayer Valspar Many people are surprised to see that the paint department is quite extensive offering Valspar, Benjamin Moore, and a wide selection of spray paints...

Mayer Paint and Hardware 2 …and even offering a little inspiration with their services and goods.

Mayer 4 Keys at Mayer Have you been meaning to get a key copied to be prepared for that one-time emergency? Well Mayer Hardware certainly has the selection of blanks for your specific key.

Mayer popcorn We were invited into Mayer Hardware by long-standing employee and General Manager, Dennis McCarthy, who told us that he and his 8 other siblings work or have worked for the store. This is truly the family-friendly environment, backed by not only the Green's, Dennis and his siblings, but also by our favorite: the popcorn machine. Free popcorn is available to patrons when they come in and shop around the store. Dennis said jokingly that the community can come in and enjoy the "Mayer Lunch Combo", the only items on the menu being popcorn and coffee, served fresh, everyday.

Dennis even treated us to some of the historical photos of Mayer Hardware from decades past - Enjoy!

The following photo credits: Mayer Paint & Hardware

Mayer GO Grand Opening 1972

Mayer front Storefront in the 1970's

1980 front Mayer Storefront in the 1980's

Mayer Hardware is known in the community for its friendly, personal attention that it gives to its customers. Add that to the selection you receive at Mayer, and there might be no reason to leave our city for a Big Box retailer where you could spend hours trying to find what you're looking for. We're all for it - support local, support our neighborhoods, and support the city of Rochester.

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