A GREAT First Event for MetroPops!

We mentioned very early in the new year that we (the Rochesteriat) are involved with a new start-up here in Rochester. We've been excited to finally announce MetroPops a local deal site that will launch in July. It's been a blast getting things put together, and while there are still many loose ends to tie up, we're on a mission to introduce the concept to our friends around town.

Here's a quick look at our very first kick-off event that took place this past Tuesday, May 16th - at where else - McCann's Local Meats.

Kevin McCann and Team treated the very first MetroPops fans to quite a deal: 3 food tastings and 3 beer tastings all for $25 (normally $35). 

Co-founders, Stefanie Schwingle and Ben McDonald (of Beer Otaku), kick off the event with an introduction to MetroPops and welcoming the 25 attendees to the tasting event. 

Owner Kevin McCann shared with the event attendees what was to come from the tasting and pairing event. It was a beautiful evening: 72 degrees and gorgeous for an evening out on McCann's new patio. 

As we continue to build MetroPops and prepare for our official launch, be on the lookout for more information on our coming IndieGoGo campaign.