Take a Look Inside Metro CoWork


If you travel down East Ave often, you’ve probably watched this space (350 East Ave) transform and been curious about what it is. Well, Metro CoWork has recently opened and we wanted to give you a look inside.

The property is a project that was acquired in 2017 and is now under the direction of Craig Webster and Webster Properties, with collaborated interior design work by Nicole Gerstner. You’ll want to know that the space is being managed under the expertise of Cat Hood, Head Community Manager, who is a UK implant who has prior award winning experience on the "Ugli” Project.


CoWork spaces are designed to help reduce costs for startups and small businesses, as well as provide flexible working conditions. Metro CoWork was built to offer more than just a desk to work at: it’s a place where mere functionality, affordability, and beautiful design converge.


This beautiful and inspirational space offers multiple membership options, depending on your choice of a “hot desk” or a more permanent one, as well as many amenities and opportunities to promote collaboration among its membership community.

Supporting the immediate neighborhood is always a key goal, with plans to collaborate with local businesses such as POP ROC and the like in the near future.


Do you have conference calls or need to invite clients in? There are different places to gather, hold conferences, and even make private phone calls in one of the phone booths.


The open concept kitchen was strategically placed in the back of the cowork space to encourage the collision of the minds when you’re grabbing lunch or coffee. It’s a way of getting to know your fellow co-worker, thereby increasing the chance that more collaboration and/or success will happen in our city.


Metro CoWork is continuing to grow and build out their space to offer even more opportunities for office and collaborative space.


While these pictures only highlight the East Ave space, Metro CoWork also has locations in High Falls and Brighton and will be opening in the future in Webster and Irondequoit.


There’s a lot more in store for this space, including this open outdoor space in the back of the building that has already been painted by local artists, so stay tuned or check it out.

Want to see the space in-person? Get your (FREE!) tickets for the 2018 Holiday Party and Ribbon Cutting that is being held on Friday, December 21st. More information and tickets on their Facebook Event page.

Metro CoWork:
Cat Hood, Head Community Manager

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