ROC City Guide: The Best Apartments In and Near Downtown

the hive@155  | the rochesteriat

the hive@155  | the rochesteriat

Looking for city living, a place that's central to most everything in Rochester, and the low-maintenance lifestyle? There's a lot of competition in the downtown rental market as of late that is trying to get your attention. Here's a list of the Best Apartments In and Near Downtown that you'll want to check out.

Note: The list is sorted alphabetically, and the numbers simply correspond to the number in the list, not rank. 

1. 44 Exchange

44 Exchange  | photo courtesy   Landmark Society ofWNY

Built in the 1960's for the Central Trust Company headquarters (a former bank started in the late 1800's), the exterior still gives off that cool, mid-century vibe. 

Nearby you'll find the Monroe County Courthouse, the Convention Center, the Blue Cross Arena, Byblos Cafe, He's Chinese, and Hot Rosita's 

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2. 88 Elm (coming soon)

88 Elm  | photo courtesy DHD Ventures

88 Elm | photo courtesy DHD Ventures

Taking a vacant, formerly all-brick building and making it into one of the most beautiful, modern mostly-glass structures that the city has seen in ages - yup, that's 88 Elm. Expected completion: Q1 2017

Within 5min Walk: Parcel 5, Fuego Coffee, Branca Midtown, MLK Jr. Park, the Liberty Pole, Java's

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3. 111 East Ave

111 East ave  | photo courtesy DHD Ventures

111 East ave | photo courtesy DHD Ventures

Looking for a place in the heart of it all? According to many, One Eleven on East is positioned perfectly. Close to restaurants, bars, cafes, grocery store, a major YMCA, theatres, art galleries, book stores, and much more - this newly renovated complex offers old-school charm and plenty of amenities to go along with it. 

Within 5min Walk: MLK Jr. Park, the Liberty Pole, Java's, The Little Theatre, Eastman Theatre, RoCo, Hart's Local Grocers, 2Vine

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4. 250 South

250 South | the rochesteriat

250 South | the rochesteriat

This former natatorium of the old days (think bathhouse for the City of Rochester) opened up in 1907 for the swimming public. Redeveloped as a mixed-use facility that includes the owners' Plan Architectural Studio on the first floor and a couple of floors of rental spac above.

Within 5min Walk: Vesper, Sidebar, Geva Theatre, Washington Square Park, Central Library, Dinosaur BBQ

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5. 300 Alexander

The history is rich and the building's brick facade shows it - originally a divinity college campus, connections with Waldorf Astor, and barracks for the Army Flying Corps during WWII - 58 luxury apartments were designed to keep the richness alive. 

Within 5min Walk: City Grill, Murphy's Law, The Lyric Theatre, Rochester Museum and Science Center, Daily Refresher, Havana Cabana, The Old Toad, Ox and Stone, Sinful Sweets

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6. The Academy Building

the academy building  | the rochesteriat

the academy building | the rochesteriat

21 residential lofts were made out of the first-ever high school in the city (ca. 1870's). If you're a High Victorian Gothic architecture fan, this is your deal. 

The Academy boasts its own cafe (Founders), is close to the Post Office, City Hall, and a quick walk to into the Corn Hill neighborhood - history buffs will definitely get their fill here.

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7. Bridge Square Lofts

bridge square  courtesy  Richard Margolis | Landmark Society

bridge square  courtesy Richard Margolis | Landmark Society

Another building built in the late 1800's and was also used a city high school up until the mid-2000's, living here you'll be close to City Hall, Frontier Field, the original Nick Tahou's, 1872 Cafe, and Hochstein School of Music. 

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8. Buckingham Commons

Buckingham commons  | the rochesteriat

Buckingham commons | the rochesteriat

Looking for an apartment with that skyline view and a great rooftop for gatherings? That'd be Buckingham Commons. Not only are there a couple of grills and great space on the rooftop to go along with your cool pad, but you can make a habit out of watching the Red Wings games (and after-game fireworks!) with a bird's eye view. 

9. The Button Lofts

the Button lofts  | the Rochesteriat

the Button lofts | the Rochesteriat

This former button manufacturing factory was turned into nearly 40 lofts and townhouses with 5-minute walking distances to the Park Ave, Swillburg, and Upper Monroe neighborhoods. 

Close to SEA Restaurant, the Monroe YMCA, Dogtown, Han Noodle, and Plum House. 

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10. Charlotte Square

charlotte square  | the rochesteriat

charlotte square | the rochesteriat

A brand new build in Center City that boasts covered, indoor parking, electrical car-charging stations, a recreation/meeting room for tenants, and a rooftop gathering space with outdoor TV's and soon-to-be firepit. 

Within 5min Walk: Hart's Local Grocers, The Little Theatre, Carlson Metrocenter YMCA, Press Coffee, Ugly Duck Coffee, RoCo, East End Tavern

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11. The Residences at The Columbus Building

the columbus building  | the rochesteriat

the columbus building | the rochesteriat

Located in the heart of the East End, this is another development by DHD Ventures and steps away from their 88 Elm property.

Of interest close-by would be MLK Jr. Memorial Park, Eastman School of Music, Java's, and Fuego Coffee.  

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12. Edge of the Wedge

edge of the wedge |

edge of the wedge |

The Edge of the Wedge is a Buckingham Properties development that includes an upscale restaurant (The Cub Room), a local butcher (McCann's Meats), and a trendy consignment store (Second Chic) all in the same, general vicinity. 

Within 5min Walk: Georgie's Bakery, Flavors of Asia, Stuart's Spices, Pat's Coffee Mug, Napa Wood Fired Pizza, Boulder Coffee

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13. Erie Harbor Apartments

Do you love the water no matter if it's an ocean, a lake, or a river? You can have your very own river-view in the Erie Harbor Apartments. 

Easy access to the Genesee Riverway Trail, the Southwedge neighborhood, and to the UofR campus. You'll also be within walking distance of Swiftwater Brewery and Mt. Hope Cemetery. 

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14. The Hive@155

hive@155  | the rochesteriat

hive@155 | the rochesteriat

Located in the St. Paul Quarter of Center City, downtown, The Hive@155 is close to Tapas 177, Scotland Yard, and Craft Cafe.

Also Pane Vino on the River Restaurant and Water Street Music Hall. 

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15. The Metropolitan Rochester (coming soon)

the metropolitan rochester  | the rochesteriat

the metropolitan rochester | the rochesteriat

As one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city of Rochester, the former Lincoln First Tower then Chase Tower stands to give residents the best views as far as Lake Ontario on a clear day.

Within 5min Walk: Branca Midtown, DiPisa Old World Subs, Starry Nites Cafe

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16. Michaels-Stern Building

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Close to the RTS bus station, Fuego Coffee, Branca, the MetroCarlson YMCA, Java's Cafe, Press Coffee, Eastman Theatre

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17. Sibley Tower (coming soon)

sibley square  | the rochesteriat

sibley square | the rochesteriat

This former historic department store will once again to be transformed into Class A office space, a business incubator, retail shops, and unique lofts starting in 2017. 

Close to the Liberty Pole, East End, Parcel 5 - all in the heart of downtown. 

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18. The Temple Building

the temple building  | the rochesteriat

the temple building | the rochesteriat

The Temple Building is located across the street from the Sibley Building, and offers an equal amount of impressive history. You'll find true lofts here - exposed brick, beautiful sunshine shining through big windows, and wood floors. 

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19. Tower280

tower280  | the rochesteriat

tower280 | the rochesteriat

What do you do with a former department store in Rochester? If you're owners' Buckingham Properties and Morgan Management, you turn it into one of the most premier living spaces for rent! Features include a dog park, a gym, and even a high-end cafe/restaurant on the first floor. 

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20. Woodbury Place

woodbury Place  | the rochesteriat

woodbury Place | the rochesteriat

Clean, simple, modern, and industrial is what describes Woodbury Place. Set in the Washington Square Park neighborhood of downtown, Woodbury is one of the newest residential apartments to open up in our city. 

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Did we miss something? Please let us know, we'd love to make this list as complete as possible.