ROC the Riverway Video

From the City's RTR webpage, "Mayor Lovely A. Warren and Governor Andrew Cuomo joined members of the ROC the Riverway Advisory Board on Wednesday Aug. 1 to unveil the Phase 1 Vision Plan, which will serve as a blueprint for a $50 million State investment to launch the ROC the Riverway Program with 13 transformative projects along the Genesee River."

There are more than two-dozen projects that are being focused on under one umbrella, called ROC the Riverway. The overarching goal of the project is to revitalize and transform the Genesee Riverfront at the core of the city, making our Riverfront an important, substantial part of the Rochester experience. Check out the City's webpage for all the up-to-date detailed plans, maps, and renderings.  

Don't miss the City's detailed 118-page PDF plan, a shareable image gallery of work to be done, an interactive storymap to view, and a quick summary of the projects slated to happen.  

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