You Can Overcome Any Obstacle


Tired of that old gym regimen yet? Are you even still going now that we're well into February and the coldest days of the year are upon us? Maybe you just need to try a different kind of sport, gym, physical conditioning…enter Rochester Parkour. Check out the video:

Parkour is the physical discipline of enhancing the human body to overcome obstacles. A practitioner is one who dedicates themselves to a lifestyle of unyielding progression, unending challenge, and constant adaptation. 

This may be just what you're looking for to a). kick it up a notch in that stale workout routine of yours, and/or b). go jump around like a kid again and remember how much fun it was to actually move your body in ways it was designed for.

And lucky for all of us who have never tried parkour before, on Monday March 9th there is a scheduled Rochester Young Professionals Sports Event that will be hosted by RocPK's Charles Moreland and Nicole Suchy at their Parkour gym on University Ave. More information can be found on the Facebook event.

More Information:
RYP Event

Jason is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. He loves city living, city-culture, and all the new energy happening in downtown. Stay warm indoors, but stay healthy and moving this winter…definitely check out RocPK! Check out more @JaySchwingle or Facebook.

Can you ENVISION the future of our city?


For those unaware, (585) Magazine is a regional publication covering food, culture, destinations and the people of the (585) area code (Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, and Wyoming).

In the most recent issue, the Rochesteriat was featured among some of Rochester's visionaries and we feel so honored. What's humbling to us is the fact that we're featured amongst some of our city's most talented and hard working - names, people and businesses that you have no doubt heard throughout the media, seen the fruits of their on the walls of the city, taken classes, sipped their coffee, worn their clothes, and much more.

Here's just a little shout-out to our friends that were featured on this journey with us to make our city a better place - to read more about what they're doing specifically, pick up a copy of the current issue of 585Magazine. Big thanks and credit to Justin Michau for all the amazing pictures taken for the spread!

Slow Road & Rochester Brainery

Benjamin Woelk Founder, Host, Co-Producer - Slow Road "We are telling the story of place through local people who are devoted to improving and preserving their communities, neighborhoods, and historic Main Streets." - courtesy Slow Road website

Danielle Raymo & Stephanie Rankin Founders, Rochester Brainery"Rochester Brainery was founded on the belief that learning should be fun, affordable and accessible…." - courtesy Rochester Brainery website

Fringe Fest & Wall/Therapy

Erica Fee Producer, Rochester Fringe Festival Why Rochester? "From the Fringe perspective, Rochester is blessed with a combination of hugely talented performers, forward-thinking young people, inventive venues, progressive supporters, and eager audiences. Why Not?" - Erica Fee quotecourtesy 585Mag

Ian Wilson & Erich Lehman Founder, Synthesis Collaborative / Owner, Curator of 1975 Gallery and Lead Organizer of WallTherapy With multiple projects on each of their hands, you have probably seen this duo's teamwork come to fruition over the past few years with WallTherapy. "I wholeheartedly believe that Rochester's best years are ahead!" - Ian Wilson quote, courtesy 585Mag

Erika Ruegemer Co-Director, One Dance Co., Hospitality Team for WallTherapy Why Rochester?"I see its potential, its room to grow. This awakening and community is natural to the city, and it's just one of those things that chose me." Erika Ruegemer quote, courtesy 585Mag

John Ebel Owner - Flower City Party Rental, Smokestack Cowork Co-Owner - Pour Coffee Parlor John is an "ideas man" that is extremely passionate about Rochester. His most current venture has been the ever-so-popular coffee shop, Pour Coffee Parlor, on Somerton Street just off Park Avenue.

Mike Governale Creator; President, Reconnect Rochester Part blogger, part activist, part creator/designer, part family man - Mike does it all.


Shawn Dunwoody & Agathi Georgiou Founder - Happy Rochester / Agathi Consulting This duo is teaming up again for this year's Greentopia Fest "From The Ground Fashion Show" which is sure to be a hit on September 12th.

Josean Vargas & Tanvi Asher  Founder - J. Vargas / Founder - Peppermint This fashion duo is leading Rochester out of its conservative past. Both of these visionaries are talented in their own right, and we love what Tanvi quoted in the article when asked Why Rochester? - "It's the perfect size; everyone knows everyone, and there's plenty of love to go around." - Tanvi Asher quote, courtesy 585Mag


Lisa Kribs-Lapierre & Gavin Thomas Founders, This Good World "We believe good comes in all shapes and sizes, all of which is important. Whether a business is active with environmental issues, promoting social change, bringing positive action to the community, doing great things for their employees or all of the above, This Good World lets people know about it." - courtesy This Good World website

Interested in meeting the Visionaries, learning more about 585Mag, and even helping with a great cause? Come join us at the 585Mag's September/October launch + Happy Hour Party! Make a $5 donation to Bivona Child Care Advocacy Center and be entered to win a giveaway valued at $100+!

Thank you to all of the editors and writers of the current issue of 585Magazine, such a great job on this issue!

Launch Party Details:
The Owl House
Tuesday, September 9th, from 5:30pm-7:30pm
Facebook Event

(585) Magazine Details:
Photography for this article - Justin Michau

MuCCC: Multi-use Community Cultural Center



On the corner of Atlantic and Fairmount stands an old white church that was built over 120 years ago. While it may not look like much on the outside, when you enter you'll find yourself in a multi-use community center and theatre.

MuCCC was a church MuCCC Entrance MuCCC (pronounced "muck"), is a “theatre for performers who don’t have one" (About MuCCC page) and is used by multiple groups and for many different events.

MuCCC LobbyCoat Check We were quite surprised by the beautifully renovated theatre.

MuCCC Film ShowingTheatre Seating Enjoy art by local artists...

Local Art

... and even concessions.

Concessions And for 2 more nights (Friday & Saturday, August 22nd-23rd), catch the last 2 nights of their Film Festival!

MuCCC Film Fest From films, to plays, to Fringe Fest shows, there is something for everyone at MuCCC. This is truly a hidden-gem in our city!

MuCCC Details: Website Event Calendar Facebook Page

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Looking for a dog in the city?



Dave's Sidewalk Cafe As we say goodbye to the month of July, another July 4th Holiday quickly passes and we also say goodbye to National Hot Dog day (July 23rd) and National Hot Dog Month. But that doesn't mean you have to bid farewell to finding a good dog in the city, because as it turns out, there are plenty of good street meat carts out in full effect for a good portion of the year.

We already mentioned one of the city's most popular carts, Dave's Sidewalk Cafe (pictured above at the Dachshund Parade), in an earlier post we did in the spring (where the meat meets the street). Here are 6 other street meat carts around this dog-lovin' city that will keep you in the mood for some good ol' fashioned summertime eats.

1. Donna Daddy's  Donna Daddys

Owner Donna Wert has been at this for some 14 years, and you can say she knows a thing or two about making a good dog and burger. With her own homemade Greek hot sauce to smother any meal and prices that range from $3-$6, it's no wonder that local software development firm OS-Cubed has a 24/7 webcam watching to check for her availability. Those are some hungry developers that keep her in business! Where to find: Intersection of College Ave and Goodman Street across from Village Gate - map Specialties: Greek hot sauce + Gourmet burgers including the "Donna Bella Burger" Media: City Newspaper


2. The "Original Hots Man" StandHots Man

The "Original Hots Man" (above) and Haddad's Catering (pictured below) both license their shops to sit in front of the Monroe County Court Building, just down from the current Democrat & Chronicle offices and across the street from the Blue Cross Arena, a few feet apart from each other. Each one tries to capitalize on the bountiful amount of foot traffic during the lunchtime, and I am sure tries to prove that although you may have lost everything in court, America is still a great country because we have hot dogs. Where to find: near the intersection of Exchange Blvd & Court Street - map Specialties: not leaving people with a bad taste in their mouth after court You might want to know: If you have an hour wait at Dinosaur BBQ, you can grab a quick bite down the street at not one, but two choices of street meet vendors to whet your appetite.

3. Haddad's Catering Cart Haddads catering


4. Sofia's Specialty Sofias

Sofia's Specialty Cart is located at the busy corner of Main Street and Exchange Blvd (State Street) where he hopes to capture a good portion of the downtown office lunch crowd. Along with the basic hot dog and bun, the menu at this cart includes Italian sandwiches of prosciutto and sofaletta's which are variations of meats, cheeses, and olive paste on a roll. Where to find: intersection of Main Street & Exchange Blvd - map Specialties: Prosciutto and sofaletta's You might want to go: before 11:30a or after 1:30pm as the line can be long for lunch


5. Monster Hots Monster Hots

You may have seen Steve Plum and his Monster Hots cart on the corner of East & Chestnut in front of the New York State Supreme Court Building, kitty corner to RG&E. But did you know he has a huge following, always has a smile on his face, takes pride in the cleanliness of his cart, serves everything from grilled cheese to cajun chicken sandwiches, accepts credit and debit cards, and even makes his own spices?! Keep tabs on Steve's daily specials from his Facebook page, and know that you'll know that you've been served by one of our city's best! Where to find: corner of East Ave and Chestnut Street - map Specialties: Friendly service, Monster Meal deals, Spicy Steve's Volcanic Ash exotic pepper Kudos: Yelp Review


6. James' Hots James Hots

Where can you buy anything for $1 these days? Not many places at all unless you're at a 7Eleven or a Dollar Tree store. That's what James' hook on the street is - Dollar Dogs. With a menu that is simple, inexpensive, and straightforward, not much stands in your way from having those Rochester favorite Zweigles hots and some French's mustard…doesn't get any more ROC-local than that! Where to find: near the intersection of Church Street and State Street - map - across from the recently opened Dunkin' Donuts Specialties: Dollar Dogs, simple menu You might want to go: after you paid that tax bill at city hall just down the street, it's about the only thing you can still afford


Richard Margolis: photographing ROC



Some people pursue jobs for the money, others pursue passions. Richard Margolis is the latter. He has been in Rochester for over 35 years and in his current studio on the 4th floor of the Anderson Arts building for over 15.

4th-floorRichard Margolis Studio

With his own darkroom in the studio, Richard is able to develop almost everything in house. While he mainly works in black and white film which he develops, he also shoots in digital.


His work can be seen all over the city, including places like the Greater Rochester International Airport, the Powers Building, Artisan Works and The Little Theatre (see Exhibitions list). He is also currently working with the Landmark Society of Western NY, to produce a book of Rochester Landmarks:

Rochester Landmarks BookRichard Margolis Photography Richard Margolis has a heart for city preservation and his photographs show it.


As an architectural and fine art photographer, his art catalogs and shows what makes Rochester a great place to live. Shooting landmarks, buildings being preserved, the George Eastman House, and even trees, we can see Rochester as he sees it, "the things we take for granted" he said, "an aspect of history and culture, a story".

So, enjoy Richard's work around the city, schedule a visit to the studio, or from October through May you can stop into the Studio on First Fridays to enjoy his work and talk with him about what makes Rochester great.

Richard Margolis Studio: Website Facebook Page Schedule a studio visit

Studio: 250 N. Goodman St. 4th Floor, Suite 9 Rochester, NY 14607

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