Here's What We Found Looking Through Our iPhone Pics 2015...

We take a lot of photos. It's what we do. It's a huge part of the Rochesteriat, and simply - it's what we love. Most days we carry our camera around and we always have our phones on us, no matter where we go. When we write posts, we always have a ton of media to look through. Some of the best shots make it in our posts, many others do not. 

So, as we've been tweaking the new site for 2016, here's a look at some of our iPhone shots that didn't make it into the posts last year. Yes we may be a little behind doing a look back at 2015, but better late than never. And yes, we found out that we liked food - A LOT. But don't judge us because WE'RE those people always taking shots of our plates. What can we say, food on a plate at these city establishments is like art to us. 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Yup, good ol' comfort food. This was a delicious smoked mozzarella pizza at Fiorella's at the Public Market infused with garlic, greens, and pecorino cheese. You just have to treat yourself to a pizza sometimes.

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

One of our favorite persons in Rochester - Niraj Lama of Happy Earth Tea. Niraj and his wife, Mary, started Happy Earth in 2011 and have been importing some of the world's finest teas to Rochester. You may be interested to know that they are located in the historic Hungerford Building, and you can sign up for an amazing tea class experience here, during which we captured this shot. 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Listen, as healthy as we try to be, sometimes you just have to splurge a little. Have you been to Balsam Bagels lately? Maybe a vegan-chocolate-chip-cream-cheese bagel? There are so many options of bagels and flavors of cream cheese, you can change it up every time you go. Oh, and it's not all vegan for those of us who like the normal stuff. 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

If we want to keep eating like we do, we have to make sure to work it off as well. This picture was taken in early August last year of the mini sweep a group of us did just prior to the first-ever outdoor salon for TEDxFlourCity in the Washington Square Park. We're grateful for such committed, hard-working residents of this city keeping it beautiful. 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

And speaking of the Washington Square Park - did you know that there is a Dachshund Parade that happens every May? Yes, it's quite the spectacle where dachshunds (and their owners!) get all dressed up and prance around the stage and park. This coming year is the 15th anniversary happening on May 7th, 2016 - do not miss! 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

You've had Hart's Breakfast sandwiches, right!? Yes, they are the best. In fact, this was the first place we went after we came back from being out of the country because we simply wanted something American-Amazeballs. You can build-your-own or you can go with a popular selection, the Signature Breakfast Sandwich. So here's the plan: on May 7th, stop over to Hart's for a great breakfast, and then you can walk it off by heading to the Dachshund Parade that starts at 10am - see we know how to plan your day right! 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

And yet another way to be involved at the street level here in ROC...this was a street painting party in NOTA that took place in September. We're really excited how much creativity goes into beautifying this city!

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

We all know of Jines, The Frog Pond, and Cure, to name a few of the amazing places around the City to get brunch. But what about something different? What about the "Hangover Bowls" at Blu Wolf Bistro on Park Ave? Yes, they may look like slop on a plate, but essentially it's heaven in a bowl. Try one out and you won't be sorry...forget the hangover, I'm pretty sure this will put you into a food coma afterwards. 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Finally, this shot was taken last year of an iconic building that is being transformed in downtown Rochester - The Metropolitan - formerly known as the Chase Tower. We are eagerly awaiting the work that Gallina Development is doing to convert it into mixed-use space of apartments, condos, office, and retail.

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Jason is Co-Founder of the Rochesteriat and wants to purchase a 26th floor condominium so he can use the stairs to work off all the Hart's Breakfast sandwiches - that's my promise to my wife if she'll let us buy there. Join the conversation on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.  

RCR: artful libations


What do you get when you combine a handful of the city's best eateries and watering holes, a ton of local bar talent, and a burgeoning Craft Cocktail Movement in our area? Well, simply put, you get the Rochester Cocktail Revival!

Rochester Cocktail Revival (RCR) organizers are creating a program that will span three days, involve at least 7 of the best bars in the city, and include over 20 events geared towards education, exposure, and fun. Check out their schedule to get in on the action!

From its creators, "The Rochester Cocktail Revival is intended to showcase the talent of our city’s professional mixologists, unite the craft bartending community, and to educate consumers and developing professionals.  Further, it is intended to provide a platform for spirits brands to expose themselves to interested consumers."

Check out this video courtesy of Fish & Crown:

Valentine's and the City: friday night love



Valentine's Day Stuffed Animals The situation - On the day before Valentine's Day (or the day of for those of you shameless procrastinators!) do you find yourself in a CVS or Wegmans running to score a heartfelt card, thinking - "Why does some intern at Hallmark have the ability to communicate to my significant other better than I do? Shouldn't I have thought this through a little bit better {as I pick up the pink teddy bear and KNOW she'll just love ANOTHER stuffed animal!}? Maybe next year will be different…"

Valentine's Day Stuffed Pillows The remedy - Hey YOU, yeah YOU! Put down that stuffed animal, that heart pillow, or even that box of chocolates! This year, with more than a few days left until Valentine's Day (on Friday, February 14th) - the Rochesteriat is going to show you some of our favorite picks - both for gifts and for dining - that we think would make this Valentine's Day - or any day for that matter - well let's just say, worthy of city love.

***Please NOTE: Do NOT be surprised if some of these dining establishments are fully booked or are wait-listing guests for the evening of the 14th. After all, Valentines Day comes on a Friday this year and these are some of our city's most popular eateries any time of year. Remember, this year you have the entire weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day and, most importantly, city love is an all-year round deal. Good Luck and enjoy!


Cure Restaurant, Public Market Speaking of Good Luck, Cure is the younger sibling to the extremely successful restaurant in the Neighborhood of the Arts. Run by the same owners, Cure mixes in the romance of low, candle light warmth with the urban-industrial take on its interior design. This gives the restaurant a grittier feel and allows it to blend in nicely amongst the warehouses of the Public Market where it resides. If you get your coffee here in the daytime during Public Market hours (hence the Java's sign out front), you might be inclined to know how well the Cure staff can mix up a mean cocktail as well.

Hours on Valentine's Weekend: Fri. - Sun. Dinner served 5pm- 11pm; cocktails "served into the wee hours" Website Making cocktails at Cure Video Rochester Newspaper Dining Review

Devil May Care Lingerie Co.

Devil May Care Lingerie We said to put down that box of boring chocolates and the teddy bear. Yes, we are all for chocolate and fuzzy friends, but NOT AGAIN this year! Why not take a chance and go for something that both you and him/her can enjoy - a new set of lingerie! Stop in and see owner Anastasia who will give the guys some hints of what the girls like - or girls, she can give you some ideas as to what the guys like…on you! No need to be bashful in here - heat up your romance a bit. After all, Punxsatawney Phil just said we have 6 more weeks of winter and the outside is going to stay cold for a little while longer.

Hours leading up to Valentine's: Tues - Fri 11am - 7pm Website 


EvenOdd Creative Porter Bag Want to give something truly different and special to your Valentine this year? Why not give the gift of sustainability, re-use, and recycling from one of our city's own local creative shops, EvenOdd! The two founders of EvenOdd Creative, Liza and Ashley, have been creating these local pieces of practical, usable artwork for a few years now, and they now have their own shop located within The Hungerford Building community of artists. They make items such as clutches, messengers bags, totes, wallets, bracelets and much more out of old bicycle inner-tubes, and each one is as unique as your own Valentine is to the world. EvenOdd products are tough, durable, and, in their own words would, "pretty much kick Steven Seagal's a** in a fight to the death." We won't argue against that - just buy something.

Hours leading up to Valentine's: Contact Liza or Ashley for shop hours 1115 E. Main Street Suite 321, Door 2, 3rd Floor Rochester, NY 14609 585.201.8262 Website EvenOdd Video

Nikko Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Nikko Sushi Bar Heading to Geva Theatre to see their Comedy Improv this Valentine's weekend or looking for a different experience in the city? If you are, you'll want to treat your Valentine to Nikko - one of the city's best upscale sushi restaurants, located within the Washington Square Park Neighborhood and walking distance to the theatre. With a full bar and a well-rounded menu, this ultra-romantic place boasts exposed wooden beams and brick of the original 110 year-old warehouse, beautiful artwork on the walls, and even valet parking.

Hours on Valentine's Weekend: Fri. and Sat. Dinner served 5pm- 11pm; Bar open late Closed Sun. Website Sample Menu City Newspaper Review

Rocco Ristorante

Rocco Ristorante If you're a self-proclaimed foodie in this city and/or you think you know of the most romantic places to take a date, then it's obvious that you know of Rocco Ristorante. This is a tiny little Italian restaurant located on Monroe Avenue, and it the place to go to have a quiet, romantic evening. With only 13 tables, the restaurant is filled most nights, and you can bet it will be for Valentine's Day. If you're lucky enough to score a table, you will be treated to a menu that includes pizza, pasta, and desserts made from local ingredients.The full bar serves an exclusive Italian wine list that is always evolving.

Hours on Valentine's Weekend: Fri. and Sat. Dinner served 5pm- 10pm; Closed Sun. Website Reservation Info

Tapas 177

Tapas 177 Lounge Who doesn't know of Tapas 177 and its popular Thursday nights of FREE Salsa Dance lessons? Well we certainly hope you have already made your reservations to this urban-chic restaurant with a Mediterranean feel to it. They have a special Valentine's menu being offered, starting with $15 bottle wines on Thursday, just in time for dancing the night away. There is a full bar upstairs that offers a dim candle-lit romantic feel while you wait for your table, and downstairs seating offers beautiful sights of Spanish-inspired artwork alongside cozy pillows in this converted basement, a true urban experience. For those of you romantics at the top of your game, you already know of and have reservations for "Table 13" seen at the right-hand side in the picture above. This is one of the city's most romantic restaurant spots offering a semi-hidden area that makes your experience that much more amazing.

Hours on Valentine's Weekend: Thurs. 4:30pm - 2am, Dinner until 12am Fri. and Sat. 4:30pm - 2am, Dinner until 12:30am Sun. 5pm - 2am, Dinner until 12am Website D&C Dining Review Tapas 177 YouTube Video 


TRATA, Culver Road Armory Lastly, we come to the super-sexy. We picked the photo above because it is subtle and only gives you readers a small glimpse of what you will be stepping into when you get inside. The decor is ultra-modern mixed with industrial touches like the exposed brick, concrete/wooden floors, and the iron railings that give the eye much to feast on within the 3 floors of restaurant space. The good thing is is that TRATA can seat more than 300 people, so give keep that in mind as you find completely full restaurants on your chosen night of celebration. Not only is the space large, but so is the food and drink menu to keep most everyone happy.

Hours on Valentine's Weekend: Fri. and Sat. 4:00pm - 11am, Late night menu 11pm - 12am; Bar 4pm - 12:30a Sun. 4pm - 10pm, Late night menu 10pm - 11pm; Bar 4pm -12am Website City Newspaper Review yelp