Buckingham Properties presents Movies With a Downtown View 2017: 5 Reasons You Don't Want to Miss

In just under one month, our 4th annual Movies with a Downtown View presented by Buckingham Properties will be taking over the park formerly known as Manhattan Square Park (MLK Jr. Memorial Park, that is). In case you missed it in the last 3 years, here are 5 reasons why you'll want to go to Movies with a Downtown View on July 14th and August 18th:

1. The Experience

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

How often do you spend a few hours in a park, on a blanket with friends or family, hanging out and enjoying downtown? Oh you don't do this often? Why not do this while enjoying a movie under the stars with the cityscape as your backdrop?

2. Be a Foodie

The Rochesteriat

The Rochesteriat

Pack a fancy picnic or have cash ready to purchase food there. We'll have 2 food trucks at each event and beer for purchase from Roc Brewing. Keep an eye on the website for info on who else will be joining us!

3. It's FREE

These movie nights are free! That means there's no charge to get in... what else do we need to say?!

4. There might be giveaways

Okay, okay, we shouldn't say "might be", because there will be giveaways. In the past 3 years, we've given away several Round-Trips on the Official Airline of the MWADV, Jetblue Airways, and tons of local goods. Better yet, there's no cost for entering to win! 

5. The Movies

We're going with recent films this year, one with a NASA flair and one with an international base. Both are exciting and fun films, so check out the trailers below:

July 14th - Hidden Figures

AUGUST UPDATE - Hidden Figures:

While our original plan was to show Hunt for the Wilderpeople on August 18th, our plans have changed. Since we were unable to show Hidden Figures in July, we will be showing it in August! We will keep Hunt for the Wilderpeople as a possibility for next year, because well, it looks quite fun.

This year we are again partnering with our favorite downtown movie theatre The Little Theatre to produce these events. Last year's inaugural event was a huge success and we cannot wait to fill this park again with people. Will you join us?

For those of you who missed the event last year, take a peek inside here.

Movies with a Downtown View:

Friday, July 14th: Lawn opens at 7pm Movie at dusk, approx. 8:45pm
Friday, August 18th: Lawn opens at 6:30pm Movie at dusk, approx. 8:15pm

Facebook Page: July 14th Event & August 18th

Stefanie is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. She had a blast running around MLK Jr. Park last year for #MWADV and cannot wait for these events! Find her with a camera & phone in hand, taking photos for @theRochesteriat on Instagram. Follow along on Twitter.

With Very Few City Condos Offered, You Just May Rule in this One

NOTE: This post was originally written on August 14th, 2014 when this condo was up for sale. Most of the info and links have been updated, but if we're missing anything, please let us know.

And no, this condo is NOT on the market anymore, sorry! For more information on downtown condos available, check out our City Guide


Naturally, when we heard that one of our most favorite condo units was up for sale and we saw a beautifully written piece in Rochester City Living by Padraic Michael Collins-Bohrer, we thought, "Is there anything else that we can add to the facts and figures list that people would want to know?". Sure it's nice to understand the nuts-n'-bolts of the Lamborghini, but most of us want to know what we can do with it. And that's when it hit me: why don't I sprinkle in some extra this-is-what-my-daily-life-could-look-like-in-the-city to the mix, and allow potential urbanites to imagine it for themselves.

It's not often that we get an inside look like this, as it is well known that owner-occupied condo units are a rare gem in our city. With that said, get ready to let your imaginations race:

1. It's like living on Central Park West and 61st Street in New York City - at a discount

You have beautiful greenery from one of the city's oldest parks, the Washington Square Park, and the downtown skyline coming through your windows. There's no need to fill your walls up with generic wall art from Target or Walmart - the skyline brings the windows to life!

2. Plan how you want to rule the city at this table

Having a view of downtown Rochester, this area serves as your personal "secret meeting spot" to all the things you want to accomplish. It's here you can people watch at the Washington Square Park, keep a keen eye on the progress over the Erie Harbor Park Promenade, or plan out your next multi-million dollar business venture at Woodbury Place…or you can simply call mom and dad and invite them over for dinner.

3. You'll never be alone in this unit - (literally, it's a condominium!)

Whether you are single, married, with/or without kids, or somewhere in between, there's truly something for everyone. The downtown population has risen to over 6,000 residents, a burgeoning Neighborhood Association that needs your input, and a city on the rise that requires passionate, urbanites to give their talents to what the future holds for this metropolis - the city, much like the condo building, is a diverse and changing scene like the squares of a Flor carpet - different in their own respects, yet together they form a beautiful, cohesive structure.

And no, little Cloudy is not included in the price.

4. You like to wine, dine, and entertain 

You would have a fine, open eatery with a ton of natural light to perfect your favorite dishes, and even better yet, you can buy the necessary ingredients from your own downtown grocery store - Hart's Grocers! Opening day was August 15th, 2014, and it's the first grocery store to open in Center City in nearly two decades. Because of this you should have no problem keeping the cupboards stocked and stainless steel refrigerator full, but if you're looking for more specialty goods, just a short walk south to the Wedge presents you with the option of the South Wedge Spirits & Wine, and for dessert - Hedonist Artisan Chocolates.

5. Working at this lofty desk lets you operate Executive Style

Try local boutiques such as Abode, Stacy K Floral, Greenovation, and Archimage to decorate your space. West Elm, IKEA, The Container Store, Flor, Crate & Barrel - we'd approve also, but only after you've exhausted the local options. Can you imagine what you would do with this home office if this were yours? You're the boss of you, your household, and everything in it.

6. Everything Zen and Feng Shui, get rid of a cluttered mind

Being so close to everything, you're gonna want to hit the town at great hotspots such as Tapas, Victoire, and the newest of establishments, Apogee Wine Bar on Park Ave. Remember, there is also Eastman Theatre, Geva Theatre, and The Little Theatre all within a quick walk. With this lifestyle, you're gonna need some good shut-eye. This should do.

7. Is this Rochester's finest hotel, or your own modern escape right within your home

Maybe you'll have visiting guests that will stay at some of our swankiest hotels in downtown such as The Strathallan, the East Ave Inn & Suites, or the new Hilton Garden Inn - mere minutes away from the Capron Lofts. Or maybe you'll be generous and offer up that unoccupied, second bedroom to relatives and close friends…either way, YOU can be sure that a modern, warm, luxury hotel-esque experience is waiting for YOU every time you use your own master bath.

8. See the stars...or at least the rooftop lights

Need a quick get-away? Want to unwind with a glass of wine or a cold brew (from our neighbor Roc Brewing of course!) after the hectic day? Take a walk (or the elevator) up to the rooftop and experience the sunset and the skyline like never before. See the spectrum of colors that come out during sunset on the most clear nights, and enjoy the finished roof deck with a friend or two, a few community grills, and an abundance of patio furniture. Can't see any stars at night because the city lights drown out the galaxy? No worries, the celebration lighting keeps it festive at night.

9. Lastly, celebrate in style!


Where else, aside from a local parking garage, can you be this close to the fireworks action on Independence Day and New Year's Eve? Nowhere is the answer to that. At the Capron rooftop, you're close enough that you feel immersed in the flashes of light bursting in the city sky, overlooking the Genesee River and all the city below. You might even get so spoiled that you think the fireworks are put on for you alone - ok, that's when you know you've lost it. So bring a date, your loved ones, your family up to see these special events - it's like no other around.

More Information:
Rochester City Living
Washington Square Park Neighborhood Association

Drifters LB: not your Average Hotel Kitchen


For a minute, let's forget you just stepped inside a Hotel. You're here for lunch or dinner, do the surroundings matter?

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Is there a wait to be seated? Or maybe you're waiting for the rest of your party to arrive - take a seat.

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Party of six? No problem...

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Party of four? Even better and hey - you may get lucky with a party of 2 in these fancy booths (can you say date night?)!

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Take in your surroundings while you peruse the menu. It really doesn't feel like dining in any other hotels we've ever been into.

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Ahh, wings! Can't decide between two different flavors - no need to pick - have both.

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

What about a perfectly cooked steak?

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Or a burger. We swear, there really is a burger under there somewhere.

We got a tiny peek into the kitchen where everything is cooked to order with locally sourced ingredients. We've also heard rumblings that the Chicken & Waffles are a must.

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Stop down and we know you'll agree - this isn't your average hotel kitchen. And the best part? This restaurant (and hotel) is a part of the revitalization of our Main Street. Localites and visitors alike at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown, have a great option to eat and experience our city.

Drifters LB Details:

Our city has so many great restaurant options, we often find ourselves deciding what type of cuisine we want first just so we can narrow down our choices! Follow along with the Rochesteriat on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Urban Study: A Fresh Look at the Times Square Building


c Lucia Guarino

I had always enjoyed seeing the Times Square Building on my infrequent trips from suburbia into the city. But it was not until I moved downtown to a place where it was visible from most of my windows, that the building, and in particular its Wings of Progress, began to capture my curiosity. 

I am indebted to Mr. Richard Calabrese (the main man over there!) for his graciousness and for taking the time out of his busy schedule to show me this sculpture from the vantage point of his rooftop. The hundreds of images that I captured have provided endless hours of visual and personal exploration. I hope that with this photo essay you will begin to see this ever-present, architectural and sculptural work of art in ways that you have not yet experienced.  

©Lucia Falsetti Guarino

On October 29,1929, the day of the first stock market crash, the cornerstone of the Genesee Valley Trust Building was laid and the structure known to Rochestarians as the Times Square Building found its place in the Rochester skyline. Ralph Thomas Walker of the architectural firm Voorhees, Gmelin and Walker, designed the building to serve as a pedestal for an extraordinary sculpture, the Wings of Progress.


While the sculpture is predominantly art deco, gothic elements are incorporated in its design, imparting to it a mildly ominous, macabre feeling.

©Lucia Falsetti Guarino

Supposedly, Ralph Walker conceived of the idea for the wings while walking on a beach looking at sea shells. Each of the four wings is 42 feet high, 14.5 feet wide at center, and weighs 7,000 lbs. The metal rings that must have been used in raising the sculpture are visible at the tip of each wing.

©Lucia Falsetti Guarino

Each wing is pinioned to its base through a perforated metal screen. The screen is decorated with a bent stalk of wheat motif.

©Lucia Falsetti Guarino

As I sat at my computer studying the images, I began to feel as though something was watching me from its perch high above our city.

©Lucia Falsetti Guarino

Maybe something was watching me.

©Lucia Falsetti Guarino

As though the sculpture was meant to be viewed close-up as well as from street-level, it takes on a whole different character and becomes even more impressive when viewed close-up.

©Lucia Falsetti Guarino

This photograph was taken from Corn Hill at the I-490 pedestrian bridge.

©Lucia Falsetti Guarino

And yes, there is a place for the ubiquitous urban parking lot in this story.  An adjoining building was removed to make room for a parking lot leaving an interesting scar on one of Time Square's external walls.

Security      Russell Street

The bas-relief sculptures on the front of the building were designed by Leo Friedlander of New York City. The northern panel (right) is entitled Trust: allegoric figures of a woman and child represent the qualities of guiding influence and dependence. In the background of this panel are images of buildings, boats, historic structures and other forms associated with history and industry. The southern panel (left) is entitled Security: a woman defended by two dogs protects the bank.

Self Portrait with BridgeLucia teaches at St. John Fisher College and lives in downtown Rochester. You can contact her via email LFG1953@gmail.com or check out her Facebook to see her most recent travels around this beautiful city. 

Start Your Day at Founders Cafe


Founders Cafe Founders Cafe has been open almost a full year now offering great food and beverages out of the historic Academy Building on Fitzhugh Street.

Right now, they have a promotion going on to help you get your day started. Through May 15th, if you purchase 4 breakfast sandwiches you'll get the 5th FREE!

Founders Cafe

But don't forget about that free sandwich, it must be redeemed by Friday, May 29th. So, if you haven't been to Founders yet, now is the perfect time to go.

Founders Cafe: Website Promotion Details Breakfast hours: 7am-11am

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Stefanie is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. She is now dreaming of Founder's herb roasted veggie panini which is just delicious. Find her with a camera & phone in hand, taking photos for @theRochesteriat on Instagram. Follow her on Twitter.

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