Dachshund Parade: wieners in the park



If you have not been to a Dachshund Parade in the Washington Square Park, you're really missing out...This Saturday, May 10th, you'll get your chance to see and be a part of this fun and hilarious event put on in one of downtown Rochester's historic Parks!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFqhS7dEoPM Video courtesy of Michael Whiting of Whiting's Village Studio v2.0

From the Rochester Dachshund Parade website:

"Can you believe it -- the Rochester Dachshund Parade turns 13 this year. You could even say, 'We're not a kid anymore!' But all the kids are invited along with the moms and dads and grandparents to enjoy the magnificent sight of wiener dogs on parade in the heart of the city. It's been a long, cold, snowy winter, so come out and enjoy one of Rochester's rites of spring and the Parade's lucky 13th!"

Mission of the Dachshund Parade Committee: "The Dachshund Parade Committee is a group of dachshund owners in the Rochester area who are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership. While the primary function is to stage an annual world-class gathering of dachshunds and their owners in downtown Rochester, members are encouraged to work year-round to:

Provide education to dachshund owners about health issues. Support well managed breed rescue efforts. Give financial support to community organizations dedicated to relief of animal suffering. Celebrate the joy of the breed."

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More Info: Saturday, May 10th 10am - 12noon Washington Square Park Official website

Event is open to the public; good for children and adults; ONLY Dachshunds allowed at the park please!

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