RCR: artful libations


What do you get when you combine a handful of the city's best eateries and watering holes, a ton of local bar talent, and a burgeoning Craft Cocktail Movement in our area? Well, simply put, you get the Rochester Cocktail Revival!

Rochester Cocktail Revival (RCR) organizers are creating a program that will span three days, involve at least 7 of the best bars in the city, and include over 20 events geared towards education, exposure, and fun. Check out their schedule to get in on the action!

From its creators, "The Rochester Cocktail Revival is intended to showcase the talent of our city’s professional mixologists, unite the craft bartending community, and to educate consumers and developing professionals.  Further, it is intended to provide a platform for spirits brands to expose themselves to interested consumers."

Check out this video courtesy of Fish & Crown: