Slow Road: episode 2


Slow Road Travel has once again brought us a great episode that shows what taking the "slow road" can be like. This episodes takes Monroe Ave (Route 31) from the city and Route 21 South to travel to Roots Cafe in Naples.

"When you take a slow road, sometimes the experiences you face on one end of it are very different then what you encounter on the other end."

Take the slow road.

For more information: Website Host: Benjamin Woelk Filmed & Edited by: Alex Freeman

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7 Reasons Why You'll Love The Button Lofts

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Do you really need reasons why you'll love the city's newest lofts opening in the Monroe Ave neighborhood? We didn't think so. Who doesn't want to live in a NYC-inspired loft featuring brand-new modern appliances and open floor plans with exposed brick and beams - all built within a historic structure from the early 20th century? Ok, so while this may be an easy nod for us, we understand that some of you might want to see it to believe it. Here are our 7 Reasons Why You'll Love the Button Lofts.

1. Cook for yourself - Entertain for many

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Of course you're going to get modern, sleek, stainless steel appliances. That's what you'd expect from a high-end loft. But what the developers really anticipated was the fact that residents would want to show off their new apartments and entertain friends and family. That's the planning behind the built-out table/kitchen countertop. This keeps the kitchen spacious yet inviting, allowing multiple guests to plop chairs underneath the table side of the counter for maximum interaction capability during dinner. Or a cooking demonstration. Or a food-art project.

So you want to film a cooking show like you're Giada, Martha, or Emeril? Here's your ticket!

2. Truly open floor plans, open rooms

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

DHD Ventures, the development team behind this project, truly keeps an open floor plan by separating rooms with a gallery-style board wall, something that brings a unique, eclectic feel to the lofts and allows for maximization of natural light as well as exposure of the original wooden beams. Why cover up and hide the architectural assets that people love so much? Exactly. Now go get some chalkboard paint and make this wall into your To-do list or a place where you and friends can have it out in Tic-Tac-Toe.

3. Views of the City Skyline

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Expect the unique views of Rochester with the lush trees of Highland Park highlands, or the Cobbs Hill area, or the downtown scenery view. The expansive windows on every side of the building provides all renters with some sort of beautiful - and unique - view.

4. Concrete and Wood - the New and Old together

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

This is not a new concept - in fact, with most of the old warehouses being transformed in the city we're going to expect the new and old being used simultaneously to form a gorgeous product. But what is unique for this project is that the developers decided to utilize concrete throughout the building - as countertops in the kitchens as well as the bathrooms. This gives a special industrial feel to the place, especially when paired with the solid wooden beams of old as seen above. And don't miss the modern shower head in its own windowed cubicle, all set within the urban feel of white subway tile.

5. Bathe in Style

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

This is NOT the private spa for the building - this is some prospective resident's private bathtub. Looking out over the highlands of Rochester, take the colors of the season in as you unwind in a hot, soothing bath surrounded by candles on the window sills. If I owned/rented this place, this would definitely be my favorite room.

6. You'll Never Lose Your Way  

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

See the light at the end of the tunnel? We SURE do for Rochester, especially with projects like this in the making. And we're sure that you'll never forget where you live when you call The Button Lofts home. But just in case you do, maybe you're working too hard and you're extremely tired, or you've had quite a night out on Monroe Avenue, there are larger than life floor way-finding signs so you won't go knocking on the wrong door. And if you forget your keys? At least you'll have beautiful carpeting to sleep on outside your door until someone rescues you.

7. No Walk Up Here

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Lastly, you'll appreciate the fact that this building is not a walk-up. No need to trek up five stories every time you get in. Simply act like it's your own personal hotel. For you active-types, there will always be the stairs.

If you're looking to get in on the action renting at this historic building, you may want to act fast. The first residents started moving in early November, and we wouldn't be surprised if there was already a waiting list.

More Information: DHD Ventures

Jason is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat. He wants a bathtub just like the one pictured above. Maybe when he and wifey move into the Sibley Building in a few years. Check out more @JaySchwingle or Facebook

The Show on Monroe: a bit of zany on the avenue



If you didn't get out to The Show on Monroe this past June or have no idea what we're even referring to, check out this fresh new video put together by one of our favorite creative agencies here in the city, Fish & Crown.

There are many changes happening in one of our favorite sections of the city, Monroe Ave. New lofts are being built, the streets are being cleaned up, and businesses are yet again opening back up in this young, vibrant, eccentric section of Rochester.

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According to its Facebook page:

"The Show on Monroe is a street wide celebration of all that is great and funky about Monroe Avenue. The avenue will host multiple fun events throughout the day including a street wide scavenger hunt, buskers performances, a bike rodeo, arts and crafts, free lunch and much more."

With the amount of support that it gathered this year, we think that this one day event will only grow and get bigger and better in the years to come. Who knows, this could become your favorite Rochester event that you will look forward to every summer.

More Information: Website Facebook

Archimage: unearth treasures on Monroe


This is not a "Welcome to the City, Archimage" post. This one-stop shop on Monroe has been owned and operated by the same family (sister-brother team Yong Bom Kim-Fredell and Yong Woo Kim with their spouses Peter and Louisa), in the same location (and they have expanded - twice!), for the last 30 years. Archimage-entrance What started in the 80's as a natural fibers and organic clothing and jewelry shop (during a time of polyester fashion), this store has since built on this culture and vibe.

If you decide to try something on you'll even get a glimpse of the history and story behind Archimage, as there is an original copy of the article on them that ran in The Post in October, 1984 in one of the fitting rooms!


This "mall-ternative" department store sells unique and unusual items with an alternative flair, like these awesome belts...

fanny-packs (did someone say fanny packs?)

What caught our eye throughout the store were the many items that were labeled "Made in Rochester"! We love local goods, like these awesome Zither Heaven Ukuleles and Banjos...

Ukuleles-Archimage Their instrument collection also includes various hand drums, djembes, percussion instruments, ethnic flutes, tambourines, instruments for kids, and more!

These Modono Glass coasters and trivets were also made in Rochester!

made-local-coasters Archimage customers range from people who have been shopping here their whole life, to people to have just walked in off the street, all ages. And the selection... is as diverse!

There really is something for everyone, from balsa wood, laser cut jewelry and moving gear light switch plates...

laser-cut-earringslight-switch-plates fair trade items from Haiti and Africa.


You'll find clothing (for guys & gals) and the perfect gift items...

womens-clothinggreeting-cards the best toy selection around. Anyone having flashbacks to their childhood?


The jewelry collection is unique, quirky and extensive!

necklaces flower-necklaces archimage-earrings

Everywhere we turned there was something functional and fun, just like these housewares...

kitchen-gifts housewares But what about the incense, candles, stones, scarves, hula hoops, journals, soaps and everything else we haven't discovered yet? You'll just have to go, there's much to explore. And if you're curious like us, "Archimage" is a real English word that means "Great Magician", which seems quite fitting with the amount of items they've magically fit into their store!

We LOVED meeting this family of Rochester enthusiasts and hearing about their life in the city. Stop in and find treasures.

Archimage Details: Website

Hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Parking: On-street as well as a lot behind the building, accessible by Oxford Street.

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The Button Lofts: sneak peek



Button Lofts outside

While most of us currently won't give this building a second look as we pass by on Monroe Ave or zip by on 490 (read: just another dilapidated structure in the city), in only a few months it is most likely that will all change. The reason being is that this is the site for the much anticipated Button Lofts and Townhomes, a project being developed by DHD Ventures, its third renovation of a historical structure in our city (see also 111 on East & rendering for Hilton Garden Inn).

Button Lofts outside 2

The Rochesteriat got a chance to take a brief hard hat tour the other day with Matt Drouin of DHD Ventures, and we certainly found many inspirational spots in all of the construction taking place. But beware, the images you will see here are not pretty condo or New York City style photos…the development isn't done yet, so it takes some imagination to get to the final point. Sometimes you have to creatively look at the "raw-ness" of a project to actually "see" the final product, and with this we were quick to become fans of this evolving development.

Here's a sneak peek inside this development beginning to take shape, and if you're interested in learning more and seeing it for yourself, join in on the Hard Hat Tour coming up on May 10th. If you can't make the event on the 10th, we're sure there will be many more chances to tour the building as the development progresses. We're hoping to have updated photos for you as well. Until then, enjoy!

Button Lofts first floor

Button Lofts shaft

Button Lofts stairwell

Button Lofts peek

Button Lofts stairwell 2

Button Lofts hallway

Button Lofts light

Button Lofts skylights

Button Lofts view

More information: DHD Ventures Button Lofts website  Button Lofts Facebook Hard Hat Tour link

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