3 Things We Want To Do in 2017

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

Happy New Year! 

Starting around early to mid-December, Stefanie and I start thinking about plans for the upcoming year and writing our goals down. Yes, that's right - we write our goals down on paper. We've found it's the only real way to make the goals concrete, and once we've written them down, it keeps us on the path to sticking to them.

This year we wanted to communicate our 2017 plans and goals for the Rochesteriat with our readers by quickly posting three things that we'll attempt to do - or tweak - in this new year. That, again, will keep us on the path to goal accomplishment, and hopefully we'll be able to check off each of these at the end of the year. 

1. SHOP Changes

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

With over 3 years into this project we call the Rochesteriat, we've had our online SHOP running for a little over a year of that time. We can't say thank you enough to those of you who have supported us early in this process. 

We've learned a great deal of what works and what doesn't - and we're in the midst of a solid refresh. We want to continue offering city of Rochester-specific merchandise and deals, and create strong partnerships with local business owners and artists to have yet another great avenue to offer their wares. 

Keep an eye out as we make these changes early this year, and if we work hard enough for you all, we may even offer goods only available on the Rochesteriat. 

2. The Voice 

No, we are not trying out for the national singing competition this year....or ever. But I am talking about our voice in the Rochester community, especially when it comes to our city, and the amazing things we have going on in it. Sure there are challenges, and let us be clear: EVERY place has challenges. But how can we affect positive change, what are we doing about it, and how can we get others involved? 

We're going to be tweaking things in our blog and City Guide this year, and we'll get very real with our readers. We want to be more transparent on the fact that we not only live downtown, but we work and own a business downtown, run a neighborhood association downtown, run an office collective downtown, and so on it goes. 

Can you help us with any of these things? Let's start the conversation...

3. New Business

Lastly, and probably the most time consuming out of all that we're doing, is that we're going to be starting another off-shoot business of the Rochesteriat with a few of our friends. While I can't divulge much information at this point, I do want to say that we're extremely excited about this new opportunity, and we think many of our readers will appreciate it as well.

I have no doubt you'll be hearing about our new venture in short time, and we look forward to working with the Rochester community on this - and our other 2017 goals - well into the future.  

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