With Very Few City Condos Offered, You Just May Rule in this One

NOTE: This post was originally written on August 14th, 2014 when this condo was up for sale. Most of the info and links have been updated, but if we're missing anything, please let us know.

And no, this condo is NOT on the market anymore, sorry! For more information on downtown condos available, check out our City Guide


Naturally, when we heard that one of our most favorite condo units was up for sale and we saw a beautifully written piece in Rochester City Living by Padraic Michael Collins-Bohrer, we thought, "Is there anything else that we can add to the facts and figures list that people would want to know?". Sure it's nice to understand the nuts-n'-bolts of the Lamborghini, but most of us want to know what we can do with it. And that's when it hit me: why don't I sprinkle in some extra this-is-what-my-daily-life-could-look-like-in-the-city to the mix, and allow potential urbanites to imagine it for themselves.

It's not often that we get an inside look like this, as it is well known that owner-occupied condo units are a rare gem in our city. With that said, get ready to let your imaginations race:

1. It's like living on Central Park West and 61st Street in New York City - at a discount

You have beautiful greenery from one of the city's oldest parks, the Washington Square Park, and the downtown skyline coming through your windows. There's no need to fill your walls up with generic wall art from Target or Walmart - the skyline brings the windows to life!

2. Plan how you want to rule the city at this table

Having a view of downtown Rochester, this area serves as your personal "secret meeting spot" to all the things you want to accomplish. It's here you can people watch at the Washington Square Park, keep a keen eye on the progress over the Erie Harbor Park Promenade, or plan out your next multi-million dollar business venture at Woodbury Place…or you can simply call mom and dad and invite them over for dinner.

3. You'll never be alone in this unit - (literally, it's a condominium!)

Whether you are single, married, with/or without kids, or somewhere in between, there's truly something for everyone. The downtown population has risen to over 6,000 residents, a burgeoning Neighborhood Association that needs your input, and a city on the rise that requires passionate, urbanites to give their talents to what the future holds for this metropolis - the city, much like the condo building, is a diverse and changing scene like the squares of a Flor carpet - different in their own respects, yet together they form a beautiful, cohesive structure.

And no, little Cloudy is not included in the price.

4. You like to wine, dine, and entertain 

You would have a fine, open eatery with a ton of natural light to perfect your favorite dishes, and even better yet, you can buy the necessary ingredients from your own downtown grocery store - Hart's Grocers! Opening day was August 15th, 2014, and it's the first grocery store to open in Center City in nearly two decades. Because of this you should have no problem keeping the cupboards stocked and stainless steel refrigerator full, but if you're looking for more specialty goods, just a short walk south to the Wedge presents you with the option of the South Wedge Spirits & Wine, and for dessert - Hedonist Artisan Chocolates.

5. Working at this lofty desk lets you operate Executive Style

Try local boutiques such as Abode, Stacy K Floral, Greenovation, and Archimage to decorate your space. West Elm, IKEA, The Container Store, Flor, Crate & Barrel - we'd approve also, but only after you've exhausted the local options. Can you imagine what you would do with this home office if this were yours? You're the boss of you, your household, and everything in it.

6. Everything Zen and Feng Shui, get rid of a cluttered mind

Being so close to everything, you're gonna want to hit the town at great hotspots such as Tapas, Victoire, and the newest of establishments, Apogee Wine Bar on Park Ave. Remember, there is also Eastman Theatre, Geva Theatre, and The Little Theatre all within a quick walk. With this lifestyle, you're gonna need some good shut-eye. This should do.

7. Is this Rochester's finest hotel, or your own modern escape right within your home

Maybe you'll have visiting guests that will stay at some of our swankiest hotels in downtown such as The Strathallan, the East Ave Inn & Suites, or the new Hilton Garden Inn - mere minutes away from the Capron Lofts. Or maybe you'll be generous and offer up that unoccupied, second bedroom to relatives and close friends…either way, YOU can be sure that a modern, warm, luxury hotel-esque experience is waiting for YOU every time you use your own master bath.

8. See the stars...or at least the rooftop lights

Need a quick get-away? Want to unwind with a glass of wine or a cold brew (from our neighbor Roc Brewing of course!) after the hectic day? Take a walk (or the elevator) up to the rooftop and experience the sunset and the skyline like never before. See the spectrum of colors that come out during sunset on the most clear nights, and enjoy the finished roof deck with a friend or two, a few community grills, and an abundance of patio furniture. Can't see any stars at night because the city lights drown out the galaxy? No worries, the celebration lighting keeps it festive at night.

9. Lastly, celebrate in style!


Where else, aside from a local parking garage, can you be this close to the fireworks action on Independence Day and New Year's Eve? Nowhere is the answer to that. At the Capron rooftop, you're close enough that you feel immersed in the flashes of light bursting in the city sky, overlooking the Genesee River and all the city below. You might even get so spoiled that you think the fireworks are put on for you alone - ok, that's when you know you've lost it. So bring a date, your loved ones, your family up to see these special events - it's like no other around.

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Here's What We Found Looking Through Our iPhone Pics 2015...



We take a lot of photos. It's what we do. It's a huge part of the Rochesteriat, and simply - it's what we love. Most days we carry our camera around and we always have our phones on us, no matter where we go. When we write posts, we always have a ton of media to look through. Some of the best shots make it in our posts, many others do not. 

So, as we've been tweaking the new site for 2016, here's a look at some of our iPhone shots that didn't make it into the posts last year. Yes we may be a little behind doing a look back at 2015, but better late than never. And yes, we found out that we liked food - A LOT. But don't judge us because WE'RE those people always taking shots of our plates. What can we say, food on a plate at these city establishments is like art to us. 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Yup, good ol' comfort food. This was a delicious smoked mozzarella pizza at Fiorella's at the Public Market infused with garlic, greens, and pecorino cheese. You just have to treat yourself to a pizza sometimes.

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

One of our favorite persons in Rochester - Niraj Lama of Happy Earth Tea. Niraj and his wife, Mary, started Happy Earth in 2011 and have been importing some of the world's finest teas to Rochester. You may be interested to know that they are located in the historic Hungerford Building, and you can sign up for an amazing tea class experience here, during which we captured this shot. 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Listen, as healthy as we try to be, sometimes you just have to splurge a little. Have you been to Balsam Bagels lately? Maybe a vegan-chocolate-chip-cream-cheese bagel? There are so many options of bagels and flavors of cream cheese, you can change it up every time you go. Oh, and it's not all vegan for those of us who like the normal stuff. 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

If we want to keep eating like we do, we have to make sure to work it off as well. This picture was taken in early August last year of the mini sweep a group of us did just prior to the first-ever outdoor salon for TEDxFlourCity in the Washington Square Park. We're grateful for such committed, hard-working residents of this city keeping it beautiful. 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

And speaking of the Washington Square Park - did you know that there is a Dachshund Parade that happens every May? Yes, it's quite the spectacle where dachshunds (and their owners!) get all dressed up and prance around the stage and park. This coming year is the 15th anniversary happening on May 7th, 2016 - do not miss! 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

You've had Hart's Breakfast sandwiches, right!? Yes, they are the best. In fact, this was the first place we went after we came back from being out of the country because we simply wanted something American-Amazeballs. You can build-your-own or you can go with a popular selection, the Signature Breakfast Sandwich. So here's the plan: on May 7th, stop over to Hart's for a great breakfast, and then you can walk it off by heading to the Dachshund Parade that starts at 10am - see we know how to plan your day right! 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

And yet another way to be involved at the street level here in ROC...this was a street painting party in NOTA that took place in September. We're really excited how much creativity goes into beautifying this city!

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

We all know of Jines, The Frog Pond, and Cure, to name a few of the amazing places around the City to get brunch. But what about something different? What about the "Hangover Bowls" at Blu Wolf Bistro on Park Ave? Yes, they may look like slop on a plate, but essentially it's heaven in a bowl. Try one out and you won't be sorry...forget the hangover, I'm pretty sure this will put you into a food coma afterwards. 

the rochesteriat

the rochesteriat

Finally, this shot was taken last year of an iconic building that is being transformed in downtown Rochester - The Metropolitan - formerly known as the Chase Tower. We are eagerly awaiting the work that Gallina Development is doing to convert it into mixed-use space of apartments, condos, office, and retail.

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Jason is Co-Founder of the Rochesteriat and wants to purchase a 26th floor condominium so he can use the stairs to work off all the Hart's Breakfast sandwiches - that's my promise to my wife if she'll let us buy there. Join the conversation on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.  

The WSP Austrian Cannon is BACK!!??????????

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

For those of you who have followed news on the Washington Square Park's missing, now missing again, Austrian Cannon, you know that it's been somewhat of a mystery over the past decade. The city had apparently taken it from its base in the Park due to corrosion and lack of upkeep, but there wasn't any real sense of where it was taken to, or who - or when - it was to be repaired by and replaced back.

And not to be outdone by itself, in the same form and fashion of mystery that it left, it was returned this past Wednesday morning (8/5/15) - right back to its base in the Washington Square Park. As members of the Washington Square Park Neighborhood Association and residents of the neighborhood, we're excited that our Cannon is back. In fact, this is the first time residents around here have seen the Cannon on its base ever since the area started to fill up with residential units in recent times.

the Rochesteriat

the Rochesteriat

But we have to be honest - we're almost certain that no improvements were made to the Cannon, and we haven't been given any information as to why it was returned in this fashion, or who made that decision. The reason why this is important to us is because there is a behind-the-scenes effort by the Neighborhood Association to refurbish this piece of history alongside some very interested folks in the community. Whoever you are in charge of this, please give us the opportunity to help!

Here's our pitch sounding like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries: If anyone has any information regarding the return the Cannon, please write, call, email, text, LET US KNOW! With that said, please get out and enjoy this historical artifact back in one of our historical city parks.


No sooner did we finish this post, we got a message that the Cannon is once again gone. As of the morning 8/7/15, the Cannon is missing. Oh city that we love...why such a good mystery you keep?!?????

Jason is co-Founder and Editor of the Rochesteriat, and leads up the Washington Square Neighborhood Association with his wife, Stefanie. We're going to make that Cannon great again, we just need the cooperation of the City, community, and those interested in saving a bit of Rochester history. Check out more @theRochesteriat or Facebook.

Woodbury Place: your next place to live & build a business


Woodbury Place Rendering

Just recently, we've mentioned some changes coming to downtown's Washington Square Park Neighborhood.

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Believe it or not, BIG changes are coming to this area. Just released, the above picture shows a rendering of what is being dubbed by the developers as "Woodbury Place". Set in the downtown neighborhood located near Washington Square Park, Geva Theatre, and made up of a cluster of buildings formerly occupied by office interiors firm Merkel Donohue, the rendering gives a sneak peek as to how this corner and section of downtown could be transformed in the very near future. Will you be the owner of the BISTRO! or the CAFE on the corner of Woodbury and South Ave? Will you be a renter, owner, or some other type of business that occupies space in this complex?

Look, the work has already started...

Woodbury-Place-2 ....and new windows are being put in...

Woodbury-Place-1 There is even word that Geva Theatre might be partnered in with the developers to use this space as live-in residences for their talented artists that come to town. Is there any truth to all of this?

Can you see the vision? Aside from the Park and a world-class theatre within steps of your door, places such as Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, the Rochester Central Library, Strong National Museum of Play, and the entire East End are within steps from this area.

Woddbury-Place-Slider-2This could be your view!

There's no denying that our city is growing and changing. Downtown may very soon, once again, be the hub of Rochester. Will you be a part of it?

Press Release from 7/8/14:


Historic Neighborhood within Downtown Rochester continues to be revived with new housing and commercial space.

July 8, 2014. Rochester, N.Y.  – Property owner/investor Eduard Nakhamkin and developer Patrick Dutton are pleased to announce that construction has begun on the extensive infrastructure for a multi-phase development to be known as Woodbury Place.

The downtown property is located on a historic corner in the area known as Washington Square and bordered by Woodbury Blvd, South Avenue, Capron Street and St. Mary’s Place.  With Geva Theatre Center on the East (originally constructed as the Arsenal Building in 1868) and St. Mary’s Church (1853) to its north, two years ago this area was injected with new energy with the introduction of condominiums and restaurant space at the Capron Street Lofts.  The new Woodbury Place development will consist of five loft-style buildings formerly occupied by Merkel Donohue.

From 1958-2013 office interiors firm Merkel Donohue was headquartered in these buildings which housed Class A office space, warehousing space, shipping and receiving.  The company’s operations ran entirely from this location.  In January 2014 Merkel Donohue decided to leave the home that they had known for the past 45 years and relocated to premises on University Avenue.

Phase 1 of the project, currently underway and due to be completed by the end of 2014, includes the redevelopment of four out of the five buildings.  They will be developed into a combination of 19 apartments and roughly 9,000 square feet of commercial space useable for retail, office, and many other neighborhood commercial uses.  The redeveloped buildings will highlight the existing architectural features of the buildings but will also include modern, loft-style design with exposed brick, rooftop patios and gardens, refurbished wood and concrete flooring, and much more.

The development team is working on a final plan for the fifth, and largest, building. At 35,500 sq.ft., the remaining building onsite is the largest redevelopment opportunity remaining in the Washington Square Neighborhood.  An announcement for this building will be forthcoming.

The project is led by property owner and investor Eduard Nakhamkin, a well-known, Russian-born former art dealer who currently resides in Miami, FL.  Mr. Nakhamkin purchased the property 8 years ago and recognized the potential for this unique corner of Rochester to be rejuvenated.  As Merkel Donohue relocated at the start of 2014, he teamed up with Patrick Dutton with Dutton & Company to develop the property and to deliver a state-of-the-art mixed-use redevelopment project.

“Rochester is a wonderful city, and I’m pleased to have such an excellent an opportunity to invest here,” says owner/investor Eduard Nakhamkin.  “These buildings have incredible charm and character.  We are excited this project is now underway.”

The development team also consists of Mossien Associates (architect), Luke Dutton of Dutton Properties (project manager) and Tim Poley of Blue Horizons Strategies (analyst).

For questions about the redevelopment project, please contact:

Patrick Dutton Developer / Broker p) (585) 704-1546 e) patrickdutton7@gmail.com

Signs of life: the next "HOT" Neighborhood?



Bausch & Lomb With the announcement by the D&C a week-and-a-half ago that the Bausch & Lomb building in downtown would be sold to three local developers for $15mil urges some questions for many of us as to what is exactly happening in the city. Can there really be change taking place in the city? Is it safe to go downtown? Should I patronize the city and its businesses, institutions, and events, and better yet, should I move to the city to rent, buy, or invest there?

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Washington_Square_Park Most of our readers know that we're not here to debate the current status of the political or economic landscape of the city of Rochester, nor are we going to say that the city is fully rehabilitated and you should drop everything, right now, and move right in the heart of it all. We can only hope some of you take the bait.

What we will say is that change, both big and small, is happening all around us as we speak. And for the most part, it's usually the much smaller, almost unnoticeable projects that are taking place right under our noses that produce real results we can live with. Rarely do these projects make the BIG headlines, and it's only years later do we think to ourselves, "…if only I had invested (moved/purchased/volunteered/got involved) when the city was just beginning to change!".

Well, that time is now! Take the neighborhood that the Bausch & Lomb building is in for example - the Washington Square Park Neighborhood. We can speak of this firsthand because it's in Center City and most people can place it on the map if you say Dinosaur BBQ. There are thousands of people each day that work in and around the area, and - because we live here - we see the changes happening on a daily basis. If you don't believe that change is happening in and around our downtown area, we invite you to take a quick look at these photos that show signs of life emerging in just one section of our downtown that you might not otherwise hear about in the big news feeds.


Thievin Stephen Have you been in or around the Washington Square Park lately? Take a look at what some local artists have done to spruce up even the most mundane of permanent structures. The neighborhood association, The Washington Square Park Neighborhood Association, has commissioned several talented artists to make the traffic boxes more eye-catching. This was all made possible by a generous NeighborGood grant from the Rochester Area Community Foundation. The most recent painting across from Geva Theatre (seen above) was done by Wall\Therapy artist Thievin' Stephen. Other artists include local talents Rachel Dow, Mona Oates, as well as several students from the nearby School of the Arts.

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Capron_Lofts Some of you know of the 1 Capron building. Others, even those quite familiar with downtown, still have no idea that this building is full of condo home-owners and renters that enjoy city life. The building has been fully-occupied since early 2012, and the sales track-record of the the building's units have proven that condos in the city don't stay on the market for long.

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VH Lang 1 Across the street from the Capron Lofts is the old V.H. Lang Trophies building. The trophy shop closed its doors last month (May) as the owners sought retirement, and it has been rumored that the building was recently sold to an unknown investor. Can you imagine lofts or retail space in this tired-looking historic structure? Will you be the change maker in this city to make that happen?



Wahl's Have you ever seen the old Wahl's building on that same block that sits across from Geva Theatre's western side? One of the last free-standing homes in the neighborhood built during the Great Depression, this building has also been rumored to have been sold to an unknown investor. Is it the same investor and, if so, is there plans for the entire block?


Merkel Donahue Do you know of the Merkel Donohue building in the neighborhood? Named from the high-end office furniture retailer that occupied the space up until the end of 2013, the building now sits empty of the corner of South Avenue and Woodbury. Built in the late 1880's, this building is part of the complex of connected structures that run from Woodbury to Capron Street and is a testament to the historical, manufacturing fabric of the area. As you move around the building to the Woodbury side where the on-ramp of the inner-loop, 490E, and South Ave is located, you might get a glimpse of the small banner hanging inconspicuously near the corner of the building:

Dutton Upon closer inspection:

Dutton 2 The sign reads, "Dutton & Company Real Estate Services, Available Office/Restaurant/Lofts Coming in 2015!". With very little information out there to explore - no website, no Facebook - we wish we had more information to share on this development. You can bet we'll keep our eyes focused on this as progress emerges.


white As you walk down the South Avenue Extension towards Capron Street, you may or may not notice this building, part of the Merkel Complex. While it doesn't look like anything but a decrepit, aged-structure now, plans have been in the works to bring a 2014 Fashion Week of Rochester runway show to the raw, urban space that this provides. There have been rumors of replacing the entire front facade with expansive, beautiful windows to make the space more inviting. Can you see your office, apartment, grocery store in here?


untitled-1 And lastly, while rumors and plans of change are interesting and allow us to dream, we'd be remiss if we didn't share what WAS actually taking place in the Merkel complex. While much of the complex is still untouched, there is one section that is currently being rehabbed as we speak. Brand new, large windows have recently replaced boarded-up walls and broken window panes. This building sits behind the former V.H. Lang shop across from the Capron Lofts. If there is any truth in change being made, this is the proof. Soon lights, furniture, neighbors and activity will inhabit a space that, for too long, has been dormant. Can you see yourself living or working in one of these industrial, loft-like structures?

In short, while many of us only realize change is taking place in our city when we hear of the major, large projects that make the headlines, we, here at the Rochesteriat, want you to take note of the smaller projects that are happening on a daily basis. We urge you to take notice of your surroundings the next time your out and about in the city. Look at the beautiful architecture, the history, the way it all fits together in our given landscape. Ask yourself, how can I make a positive difference in this community to help make this city great again? After all, if $15Mil can buy an entire skyscraper downtown, imagine just how far YOUR money, time, effort can go in our city when put to good use.