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In a cozy corner on Oxford at Park, you'll find a Boston native who loves Rochester. Andrea Parros, owner of The Red Fern originally came to Rochester to open a restaurant with a partner that many have grown to love, The Owl House. We're very thankful her talents didn't stop there. When the opportunity arose to venture out on her own she realized she had fallen in love with the community here and she wanted to stay.

The Red Fern

This restaurant is quite different from most here in Rochester... it is entirely vegan with many gluten free options! Whether you follow this diet, have food allergies, or just love food of all sorts, this place is for you! But don't worry, though you will not find any products derived from animals here, no flavor is lacking.

Red Fern Vegan Specials

If you're hungry you'll find breakfast all-day, snacks, salads, sandwiches, entrees, and desserts! And, if you're thirsty, the beverage list is just as long including: fresh smoothies & juice, tea, soda, coffee, and even craft beer & wine! Just make sure that whatever you order, you keep room for dessert. Upon entering this restaurant it is what greets you first:

Red Fern Vegan Desserts Red Fern Vegan Desserts Red Fern Vegan Desserts

Owner and fellow city resident, Andrea, definitely supports local business. Not only do they shop at the Public Market a few times a week, bread comes from Flour City Bread, items are purchased from Small World Food, Wegmans, Trader Joe's, SoyBoy, and all of their coffee comes from local roasters, Fuego Coffee Roasters.

Fuego Coffee at Red Fern

When we asked Andrea what she loved about Rochester, we couldn't even capture it all. "The community and the opportunities. Rochester has so much room for growth!" She may be from Boston, but she is proud to be a part of the growth here in the city. Coming from the outside she said she "see's Rochester as a diamond in the rough. It has all of the traditional elements of a city, but it has a waterfall too!"

Whether you're seated right away...

Restaurant Seating

Or you have to wait a few minutes in this cozy seating area...

Red Fern Waiting Area

...enjoy your meal at The Red Fern. If you remember the previous occupant of this site, the Park & Oxford Deli and what it looked like, you'll appreciate the calm, clean, and cozy atmosphere that has been created!

Books at the Red Fern

And like this beloved book we spotted in their waiting area, we hope The Red Fern grows in our city.

The Red Fern Hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 11am-10pm

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